Comprodtv4downloadwindows10 [WORK] 🎆

Comprodtv4downloadwindows10 [WORK] 🎆

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is there something wrong?


From your output it looks like a page has been redirected to a different domain, I suggest you take a look at the URL and try and find out why it is redirected.
Make sure that your web browser is not configured to protect against redirects and do take a look at the URL of the page you are trying to open.


Python 2.7.6: ValueError: could not convert string to float

I have a program that calculates chemical potential and is full of problems, here is a sample line:
avrg = 0.5 * g + 1
I have a Traceback error which I tried to resolve it, but I only found that I have ValueError: could not convert string to float.
I tried to fix it with float.fromstring function.
avrg = float.fromstring(“0.5 * g + 1”)
I already looked at this post: and I still don’t know how to fix it.
Any help is appreciated.
I also tried this program:
import math
a = “1.0”
b = “0.0”
c = “0.0”
d = “0.0”
e = “0.0”
avrg = 0.5 * g + 1
print math.log(a/b)
print math.log(a/c)
print math.log(a/d)
print math.log(a/e)

This is what I have gotten from print:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Users/wiedevon/PycharmProjects/Probability/New”, line 17, in
avrg = 0.5 * g + 1
ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘1.0 * 0.0 + 0.0’


From the documentation:

If base is a string, it is interpreted as a number base by choosing the one closest to the mathematical construction of the output. The default base is 10, but it can be changed.

You probably meant
a = 1.0 # * 0.0 == 0.0 not 1.0 * 0.0

EDIT: Well, if you don’t want the first base

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