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LinkProver Free (April-2022)

LinkProver is a web-based link checker. Simply upload your documents to it, and it will check them against the latest version of the Link Checker Online Blacklist. The blacklisted sites are in a text file that you can easily update when the blacklist changes. It checks for all the links within your files and gives a summary report of all the found errors as well as a detailed report for each error. You can elect to check specific sections of links or test the entire body of links. As you look at the results, you will see the found problems highlighted on a mapping and a timeline of when they were found. You can then correct the problems and re-check your files.
For a list of other tools for checking the links in a document (like the online blacklists we use) please visit:

How do you upload a document into “Checkdoc?”
1. From CheckDoc, go to the Tools menu. Then select File System. Click “Browse” and navigate to the location of the document. Select “Open” and click “OK”.
2. If you get an “error when saving list” message, then your document is too large, or it has some special characters in it (such as & and {). The two easiest ways to fix this problem are to re-name the document and then try to upload it again.
3. If you get an “Can’t Display File” message, then the document is missing a document extension (.doc,.docx, etc). We recommend you add the extension so that people can’t mistakenly think you’re trying to email yourself your finished project.
4. If you get a “No File Found” message, then no document is loaded. Make sure that you are navigating to the correct location of your document. Use the Find Documents option on the File menu and find your document. Make sure it’s in the appropriate directory.
5. Finally, make sure that you have entered the desired filename, extension and location. If a file is selected, you may want to change it to something else. CheckDoc has a default list of the most common filetypes. Also, CheckDoc’s Find Documents function should be able to locate a document on your system, even if you have not attached it to

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Version 3.1 provides more flexibility in the way you can search for links and images on a remote site.
This is done through using “forced” external links which force their target to be found when the remote document is checked. The forced links are indicated in both the text report and the HTML report and is usually the best solution when you know it will be reliable.
The “test” report option replaces the print checks report with a simple list of links in a table so that you can identify any links that fail to connect. You can send the report back to the webmaster for more information.
You can also choose to check “internal” links instead of checking all the links in the document.
Finally, the HTML report feature gives you access to an HTML version of the web document. When you’re finished, just click on “Print” and the output will appear in the text file that the program creates.
All documents checked are saved in a folder that you can specify.
LinkProver is an automated website browser and link checker designed to provide a fast and reliable way to test links and ensure that files are available.
LinkProver is also a top-rated website browser and link checker available at

Click on the following link to read the Label:


LinkProver is an automated website browser and link checker designed to provide a fast and reliable way to test links and ensure that files are available.

Click on the following link to read the Website:


I am providing a free account of LinkProver to you so that you can check your website to see if any links or images are not working and if you need any assistance.
LinkProver will scan a web document or set of documents on your hard disk and creates a report detailing the links and images included in the document.
Here are some key features of “LinkProver”:

■ External links ( and ftp://) can now be checked on-line.
■ You can now check your remote site to ensure that all the required files have been uploaded.
■ Choose whether to check internal links only or whether to test external links also.
■ See the results of checks as they take place, not just in the final report.
■ Optionally create an HTML report as well as a text report.
■ Find the URL of each individual image

LinkProver With Keygen [Win/Mac]

It is designed to scan documents, check the links and generate a report. It can handle long text documents, multi-page Web documents and also FTP sites with files of up to 25GB. Support for various formats including *.htm, *.html, *.txt, *.ps or *.pdf. Option to exclude tag on online checks. You can optionally customize the appearance of the report with your own CSS styles. It supports all three common hypertext mark-up languages, i.e. HTML, XML and XHTML.
LinkProver Who Uses It:
Private – internal testing during creation of HTML documents and Web sites.
Commercial – for scanning, checking and certifying Web sites before their launch.
Training – for Web developers, browsers team.
Who may benefit from LinkProver:
Private – Developers, web designers, web masters, Google Analytics developers.
Commercial – For content owners, the managers of corporate websites.
Training – Instructional Web developers, Browser developers and HTML writers.
Who is the LinkProver Target audience:
Private – Developers, web designers, web masters, Google Analytics developers, HTML developers.
Commercial – Content owners, managers of corporate websites.
Professional – LinkScanner Developers, SEO experts, webmasters,Google Analytics developers.
Private Website:

Professional Website:


Google coding:

License :
You can use and modify LinkProver for personal use but not for commercial use.
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About The Author:

Pradeep Nair has been a professional software developer for more than 15 years. He has worked as a programmer, software engineer, project manager, marketing manager and lead consultant. He specializes in creating innovative web and mobile applications and is one of the founders of e-Easy Software, a software company that has been operating in the software industry for over 15 years.

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What’s New In?

Links (in any text) found on a web document or set of documents will be scanned for hyperlinks and internal or external links. Any links not found, or found but found to be incorrect, will be highlighted in yellow or red.
A link:
■ Must be either a page or a location
■ Can only be in text
■ Must be relative (i.e. start with a “/” not an “”)
■ Can be ftp://, or any relative location
■ Can be internal or external
■ Can only be in text
■ Must be relative (i.e. start with a “/” not a “”)
■ Can be ftp://, or any relative location
■ Can be internal or external
A link can be found in any of the following ways
Using the URL from the left hand side of the screen (for external links)
Using the right hand side of the screen (for internal links)
Using the Find -> Links menu
…or by using any of the following Text Search commands (found in the toolbar area at the top of the screen)
Set the starting location (for internal or external links)
Set the ending location (for internal or external links)
Matching text (for internal links)
Categories (for external links)
Matching an exact location (for internal or external links)
There are several different ways to set the properties of a link:
• Where you are on the screen (see attached screen shot)
• Using the toolbar (see attached toolbar)
• Using the toolbar (see attached toolbar)
The URL of any link found is shown on the right hand side of the screen. The URL is automatically displayed in blue (for external links) and red (for internal links). You can highlight the URL of any link and set the properties of the link using the top right set of controls as in the picture above.
When you are using the main screen you can access the “Links” menu with the menu from the top right of the screen. The menu allows you to set the following properties for any link found:
• When the link is opened
• Whether the link is checked (greyed out)
• Whether the link is selected (greyed out)
• Whether the link is internal or external
• Setting the URL of any–crpnfYZMVRlhlmA

System Requirements For LinkProver:

For an optimal gaming experience, we recommend that you have a DirectX 11 graphics card with an Intel Core i3 or higher processor and 8 GB RAM
GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB,
GeForce GTX 750 2GB, or
GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB or higher
Intel Core i3-530 @ 3.1 GHz, 4 GB RAM
Technical Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
1024×768 resolution screen
DirectX 11

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