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2. BitBlaze 2

BitBlaze 2

BitBlaze 2 is a 3D blog client application for Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress. Here are some key features of “BitBlaze 2”:
■ 3D cool animation and background. Move your post from one page to another and see the effect.
■ Quick navigation. Quickly go to any blog post, any user post, any category, tag, or search result.
■ New user interface. A new user interface. It’s like Blogger before the release of Mango.
■ Image upload. Your images will automatically be uploaded to your server.
■ Create custom markup. Define your own key combinations for custom HTML markup.
■ Spell check. Ensure everything is speeled spelled ok.
■ Image bigginess control. New and famous blog client application that lets you set the maximum image size.
■ Zoom in and out to ease the click process of scrolling.
■ Create your own custom background. Upload your picture, set the size of the picture, and add a colored tile. Then, you can view the photo anytime.
■ Works online or offline. Compose posts offline and post them when you want to.
■ Ability to be used as an RSS reader. You can read RSS feeds (rss.xml) and view your list of blogs in the client.
■ Ability to be used as a search result viewer. You can view the full results page of your search.
■ Create custom posts and pages. You can create a post or page with the same look as the rest of your blog.
■ Ability to mark a post as spam. You can add a secret word to mark a specific post as spam.
■ Optimize your search. You can search for any word by running a search and set the output type.
■ Ability to search with a word range. You can choose to see all the posts in which your input text is contained (and anything before and after the input text).
■ Ability to share and comment with friends. From now on, you can share your blog with friends via e-mail or social networks.
■ Smart comments. Displays correctly formatted comments. The text won’t

Bleezer With Registration Code Free (April-2022)

If you have an automatic “Blog Generator” then it is quite likely that you are using a “feed aggregation” service like Blogger,, or any of the others. You could even have a client (like “Blogberry” or “Flamenco”) that is just copying and pasting your posts into a web browser…we’re talking to you. Please tell me you’re not doing this.
First off, here’s the problem:
You can’t control your content. Every time you write a new post, your service writes a copy of the post, which your service has to merge with any other content that it may have for that post. You don’t get to dictate who gets to see the post. You don’t get to determine which service gets first crack at the content.
Second, most of these services lack any good category support. They all have simple lists that let you tag your posts. If you want multiple categories, then you have to use “tagging” instead. This means that the categories are just attributes that some service adds to your posts. It means that you have to maintain a listing of all the tags you are using.
Third, the formatting is just as much a problem. Every service has its own formatting rules. Some are perfectly consistent, but others are just crazy. And some of them, (like Blogger) are inconsistent and still buggy.
Fourth, most services don’t keep a single version of your posts. (Blogger and do.) You may get the “latest” or “most recent”, but you will never get a “history”. For example, say you write a blog post about something that is going to happen on July 1, with 3 links in the post. Say that you start writing on July 1, but you don’t actually post it until July 3rd. When you go back to your site to check on the status of July 1, you will not see anything. How do you know what you will be able to post on July 2nd, and on July 3rd?
Fifth, almost all of these services are slow and bloated. They are often slow even when compared to web-based services like Digg,, Technorati, HotBot, or even something like Blogger. Some services are so slow that a decent broadband connection is barely enough to make them usable.
And, as you can see, there’s a bunch of reasons why you might

Bleezer Crack

Bleezer is a free, universal blogging client for Windows. It’s a powerful editor, and it’s intuitive.
– Newbies can get up and running in seconds.
– Pros can use it as a word processor.
– Executables are available for Windows, Linux and OS X.
– Posts are completely WYSIWYG.
– Image uploads are automatic.
– Post titles are automatically fixed.
– Categories work.
– Tags are automatically added.
– Custom tags.
– HTML markup.
– Support for 10 or more popular blogging services (more will be added soon).
– Add images and Flash without even trying.
– Spellcheck and spell-guessing for you (or your readers).
– Built-in post categories.
– Internal clickable links for all posts.
– Thumbnails.
– Custom markup.
– Spellcheck.
– Preview.
– Zooming.
– Assemble your posts for you: RSS feeds.
– Hit a button and your posts are now posted.
– You can save your posts in HTML format, on your computer, and on your server.
– Send them to your FTP server.
– Send them to your post-to-email application or to email addresses.
– Add your own tags. Technorati,,…
– View your posts from your mobile phone.
– Phone calls.
– Compose posts offline.
– Publish posts when you want to.
– Customise to your own liking.
– Bleezer is based on the JFreeTech SDK.
Why use “Bleezer”:
Bleezer is free. It works on Windows, Linux, OS X.
It runs without a mouse.
Bleezer is universal. It can read Post-to-XML files and a number of different blogging clients’ DTD.
It’s wysiwyg. The visual editor is very powerful.
Bleezer is extremely intuitive. Newbies can write their first posts in seconds.
Bleezer is in the know. It knows not only all the common news sites, but also any other site that has a DTD.
Bleezer is professional. Write beautifully.
Bleezer is reliable. Use it every day.
Bleezer is always the easiest way.
Bleezer is free. But it’s limited to 50 MB of storage space.

What’s New in the Bleezer?

Bleezer is a strongly-typed, desktop freeware blogging client. It works with any blogging service and any operating system that supports wxPython.
Key Features of Bleezer
* Blog from anywhere.
* Compose posts and blog posts from anywhere.
* Edit posts as-is, without needing to wait for the server to generate HTML.
* Publish offline with no internet connection.
* Write the HTML directly to the server, instead of your hard drive.
* Upload images to your own server.
* Create custom tags for any tag services.
* Support and additional features are always added.
Bleezer Requirements:
* Python 2.5 or higher, wxPython 2.8 or higher, or PyXML 1.8 or higher.
* Bleezer takes advantage of external libraries. python-cairo or pango, for example.
* Bleezer requires at least 1.5 GB of RAM, but it can run on as little as 128MB of RAM.
* Windows, OS X, or Linux.
* You need wxPython 2.8 or later.
* You need to use PyXML 1.8 or higher to run Bleezer.
* You need to use a tag service. The easiest way is to use Technorati, which allows you to ping them.
Bleezer Features:
Bleezer can be installed on Windows, OS X, or Linux with Python 2.5 or higher.
Bleezer can be installed with any version of PyXML that is compatible with Python and wxPython. Bleezer doesn’t use any external libraries.
Bleezer can allow you to write your posts while offline, although you must wait for the posts to be processed by the server.
Bleezer does not use Internet Explorer as a blogging client.
Bleezer can work with multiple blog services. Supported services include and
Bleezer supports multiple categories, and you can have as many categories as you want.
Bleezer can allow you to define custom tags for your tag services. When you define a custom tag, you can freely name the tag, use an arbitrary keyword/key value pairing of a format, and choose whether you want it to be visible to the viewer.
Bleezer can automatically upload images to your own personal server. Images will be automatically

System Requirements For Bleezer:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (2.6 GHz or faster)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 30 GB Free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 with 1 GB VRAM
Radeon HD 7790 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 with 1 GB VRAM
Display: 1024 × 768 Display Resolution
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with Speakers and Microphone

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