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PPPshar Accelerator

PPPshar is an Internet connection sharing application to share Internet connection among a group of computers and keep them secure. It is designed to be light weight, easy to set-up & use and able to share Internet connections from any type of network connections – dial-up, DSL, satellite, DSL, cable modem, virtual private networks or even a Router/Firewall. PPPshar is small, light weight, easy to setup and use. All Internet services are preconfigured for ease of use. PPPshar Lite version discontinued.
PPPshar can share any type of Internet connection – be it standard dialup, AOL, DirecWay, any satellite, DSL or cable modem connection. PPPshar is small, light weight, very easy to setup and use. All Internet services are preconfigured for ease of use. PPPshar Lite version discontinued.
PPPshar Lite – 1-User License Version
■ Very easy to setup and use.
■ Internet browsing and file downloading feature that is much faster, consumes less bandwidth, saves Internet bandwidth & costs.
■ Safe & Secure proxy server is required to access secure sites like https.
■ Manage one user account on multiple computers and take a snapshot of the user’s profile.
■ Disables browsing of certain websites.
■ Traffic statistics & page statistics – logged in real-time.
■ Logging of IP address, URL, username and timestamp.
■ Supports any http (web) proxy server software.
■ Supports https (Secure Sockets Layer)
■ Mac OS 9 compatible.
■ Performance: 100% GUI & very fast.
■ Supports any type of dialup connection like dial-up, direct DSL, virtual private network connection or even Router/Firewall.
■ Secure proxy server (SSL) service required to access secure sites is configurable in settings.ini.
■ No need to install other software to share Internet connection.
■ PPPshar Lite has been discontinued.
■ Go to Start >> Accessories >> Network Tools >> PPPshar
■ Click on Add User icon to create a user account and computer account.
■ Select the number of computers in the “Copy Internet Explorer” or “Copy Browser” option.

PPPshar Accelerator Crack + (2022)

PPPshar Accelerator Product Key is a small, easy-to-use, multi-threaded Internet connection sharing software with advanced features for web browsing, sharing, traffic logging and browsing privacy protection, keeping the user safe online.
PPPshar Accelerator can be used to share any type of Internet connection including standard dialup, AOL, DirecWay, any satellite, DSL or cable modem connection. You don’t need a separate network of computers.
Whether you use your computer as a desktop, notebook or a hand-held computer, with PPPshar Accelerator, you can share your Internet connection with browsing, file download and web page caching.
PPPshar Accelerator utilizes an advanced setup wizard that makes the entire process easy. If the Internet connection is shared on the local computer, the user does not need to worry about getting connected to the Internet. PPPshar Accelerator does all the job of Internet connection sharing including Browsing, File sharing, Caching, Web surfing, downloading, online privacy protection, logging and so on. The features and easy configuration options of PPPshar Accelerator makes it a lot more user friendly than other existing Internet connection sharing products.
The following are the important features of PPPshar Accelerator:
■ Webpage caching and Browsing:
Cached webpages are stored locally so that they can be browsed anytime. When a user requests a page that is in the cache, PPPshar Accelerator loads the cached copy, which saves Internet bandwidth and load time. This is a “win-win” situation for both the users and the Internet Service provider (ISP). When the user accesses the same page at a later time, PPPshar Accelerator loads the page from local disk and shares it out again for all to use. If the user accesses the page the second time, the requested page does not need to be downloaded again and the user gets a much faster response.
Browsing speed can be improved up to 1000 times, or more.
■ Website Blocking and Filtering:
PPPshar Accelerator allows you to block and filter websites. You can decide if you want certain websites to be available to the whole group or just to specific users. You can also limit users from downloading large files, up to a specified limit of megabytes (MB) by setting a limit in settings.ini.
These options can be useful to provide family safe access

PPPshar Accelerator Activator Download

PPPshar Accelerator is an application that features Internet connection sharing with web browsing acceleration. PPPshar is available in two versions – PPPshar Pro and PPPshar Accelerator. PPPshar Accelerator differs from PPPshar Pro in two significant areas: features & configurability. PPPshar Accelerator has advanced features like web page caching, site filtering, privacy options, traffic logging and so on and does all the functions of the Pro version. PPPshar Accelerator and Pro versions are available in 1, 5, 10, 20 and unlimited user licenses. PPPshar Lite version has been discontinued. PPPshar can share any type of Internet connection – be it standard dialup, AOL, DirecWay, any satellite, DSL or cable modem connection. PPPshar is small, light weight, very easy to setup and use. All Internet services are preconfigured for ease of use.
PPPshar Accelerator on a single computer not connected to a network:
You can even use PPPshar Accelerator in a standalone computer. No need to have a network of computers. Internet connection sharing (ICS) is just one of the feature of PPPshar Accelerator. You just need a 1-user version. The Features & FAQ section has the answer to the question – why you should use PPPshar Accelerator on a standalone computer.
PPPshar Accelerator in a networked environment:
Share Internet connection with web page & file caching and more.
If you are already using a ICS or proxy or router, you can still use PPPshar Accelerator since it has HTTP proxy support. PPPshar Accelerator can run on the same computer where your proxy is running or even on another computer in the network. So PPPshar Accelerator software need not replace your existing Internet Sharing solution but can work alongwith it to enhance, accelerate, secure your web browsing.
PPPshar Accelerator – How does it speed-up your web browsing and file download times?
Webpage Caching. What is Caching and how it speeds up browsing, saves Internet bandwidth and costs.?
Browser Cache: When a Web page is requested, it is saved to disk. If it is required again, the disk copy is used. This technique is used in all web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.
PPPshar Accelerator Cache:

What’s New In?

Features & Specifications:
■ Multiple Technologies, Multilingual
■ PPPshar Accelerator uses both TCP/IP and HTTP protocols. PPPshar Accelerator supports HTTP 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and many other protocols.
■ Configurable, Light weight and Security-enabled
■ Supports most popular browsers, such as Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Alfresco.
■ Can be run on a stand-alone computer or on a networked computer.
■ Does not require administrative permissions. PPPshar Accelerator does not install any new programs or service in the system.
■ “Run time” parameters are automatically adjusted to tune the speed of PPPshar Accelerator for optimal performance.
■ The ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) feature of PPPshar Accelerator is optional. PPPshar Accelerator features all-by-itself Internet connection sharing capabilities on a single computer.
■ PPPshar Accelerator can be customized to support other protocols like FTP, SMTP etc.
■ All services are preconfigured for ease of use.
■ Establishes a secure connection to remote servers, using SSL with encryption. PPPshar Accelerator supports SSL for Secure (https) connections.
■ HTTP proxies like Squid & ATS are included in PPPshar Accelerator.
■ Only 20 MB of temporary Internet files is allowed to download.
■ PPPshar Accelerator is a compact, easy to install and run application.
■ Can be installed on any standard Windows operating system.
■ PPPshar Accelerator can be used on Windows OS : Win 98/2000/XP/Vista/7.
■ No installation, just a single user is needed.
■ Administrative privileges are not required. PPPshar Accelerator does not require password or any other kind of user log-in.
■ Runs quietly and use minimal resources.
■ Does not require the Internet connection to be connected all the time while PPPshar Accelerator is running.
■ No administrative and remote control of computers in the network is required.
■ You can purchase PPPshar Accelerator in multiple user licenses from The Digital Software Store,


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon® 64, AMD Opteron™, or comparable
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video: ATI (Radeon) 8500 series or similar, or NVIDIA® GeForce® 7 or later
DirectX: Version 9.0c (requires DirectX 9-compatible graphics card)
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (64-


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