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GSXL4070 is a 180-Watt, class-A x1 power tube 100 % equalizer. It is based on the audio equalizer of the famous British ‘EQ10’ from T. Jeffery C instrument group. One of the most famous values in the history of music production. This equalizer was no doubt a reference for electronic music companies around the world. It is over 50 years old but still is a very easy to use and fast to implement. It is called, ‘EQ10’ because the company that developed the audio equalizer first, called it EQ10 for their first product. Also, the company was named after the first letter of the first word of their last name. Therefore, the first thing on the website is an acronym, E = Equalizer. It was designed for guitarists of the early ’70s for maximum expression. Often used for recording guitar, drums and bass while sustaining the guitar’s character. Therefore, its main musical characteristic is that it clearly defines the low, middle and high frequencies which is an important function in recording in modern days. At the same time, the high frequencies are not too bright and saturated and the mid-range frequencies are not very prominent. The tone is strong and rich.
GSXL4070 is the perfect instrument for a re-mix or re-master your ’70s roots. It can be used in all programs on your DAW but it is very easy to implement in any modern software and hardware system. Therefore, it is ideally built for your microphone recording tracks. GSXL4070 is rated with +18 dBu which is a very good value. Especially for mastering, GSXL4070 is relatively easy to use. Since there are no knobs or sliders, you can just plug it in, turn it on and there’s a preset of 16 bass/treble. And that’s it. You will be set and running in no time. The equalizer has numerous features that make it the perfect companion for the re-mastering of a classic track or as a stand alone equalizer with EQ presets. It also has a PAD or pad function for when you are mixing multi-channel recordings. It is very easy to use. You can play with the presets or you can change the settings directly by the touch of a button. To get more musical setting in the equalizer GSXL4070 has a det

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• DIN Rail-mounted — PSU size
• 35 W – Power Supply Units size
• 100 Watt / 8-Channels
• Microphone input – Stereo
• Aux input – Stereo
• Stereo output – Stereo
• USB input – Mono
• Adapter for RCA inputs
• Low latency – less than 10ms
• 2x 9V / 5V Battery powered
• Phono cartridge are not included
• Tutorials in iTunes / Windows
• In the box: 4070 EVA EQ, cable, manual
• Power Supply Unit size – DIN Rail-mounted
• 35 Watt / 8-channels
• Input power supply – 9V/5V
• Power supply type – 9V/5V (Battery powered)
• Size – PSU size
• InBox – Phono cartridge are not included
• USB input – Mono
• ADF input – Stereo
• Output power – 7 W
• VU Meter output – Stereo
• Input type – Stereo Mic
• Input connection – DIN Rail
• Presence – Tube (Presence)
• Gain control – 0.6V input voltage to 0.2V output voltage
• Input sensitivity – 0.1V (0.01mV/V)
• THD –

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EQ (Chrome)
Before choosing your preferred preset, remember that you can change the filter type and pre-emphasis in real time.
You can choose from the following 5 presets for the Resonance Filter (Req) area:

The Resonance Filter (Req) can be used to generate lush, analog-like harmonics and tweak the relative intensity of each part, to achieve a  rich and wide sound.

If you want a mastering sound without character or character without the mastering sound, the Multipeak algorithm is perfect.

From the GSXL4070 app, you can adjust the filter type and pre-emphasis and adjust the relative intensity of each part.

In order to get the highest resolution in the 15-band filter, the GSXL4070 gives you  a distinctive spectrum which is perfect for mastering and mastering purposes

The Wiimote interaction
This is a quiet button and a lightbar that you can adjust and set from a broad range of values.

The lightbar will be the indicator for the two modes of the tone volume:

Master volume: a precise volume control set on max, between 0.3 and 10 dB

Maximum tone volume: a volume control between -10 and +10 dB. It is the peak of the signal.

You can also manually control each of these volume values by pressing a  button.
The lightbar will be the indicator for the two modes of the tone volume

Compared to the GS650, GSXL4070 is not only the successor of the GS650 but also a high-end mastering tool because of its unique design and easy use.


Operating Voltage: 5 V
Current: 3 mA
Dimensions: 187 × 63 × 24.8 mm
Weight: 190 g

Technical specifications:

Total internal reflection (TIR) filter:
Frequency range: 3Hz – 40kHz

Resonance filter (Req):
Band/Freq: 15/62.5Hz – 15/5kHZ

Lever & Wiimote
Active frequency range: 3Hz – 400Hz
Re: 3k

The GSXL4070 is

What’s New In?

• 12 valve or tube modeling preset EQs for the Urei reference-quality sound
• 38 premium preset EQs
• 9 Urei acoustic drum profiles
• 20 Urei acoustic guitar profiles
• Sweepable parameter editor
• Multiple parameter knob color variations
• Direct drive output for easy connection to a track control surface
• Micro USB port for monitoring and patching in software
• Good speaker connection with gold plated XLR connectors
• Short and long lead 3.5 m Ethernet cable
• Padlock case

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System Requirements For GSXL4070:

1. A desktop or laptop computer, or a compatible tablet computer (Touch, Windows, Android, or other) 2. A broadband internet connection with at least a 4 Mbps download speed 3. A webcam with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (or greater) or 720p (or greater). 4. A USB mouse
Performing a Clean Install
Before we start we suggest you have all your data and settings stored in your user files on an external hard drive. This will make it easier if your system ever needs to be re-installed. The following procedure can be used

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