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AM NT Service is the server application for AM Chat protocol and it should be installed on a powerful system as it supports up to 999 users.
Combined with AM Messenger the software will help you create your own private IM Network.







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AM NT Service is a powerful software that allows its users to communicate through private chat networks,
it could be used to connect with every people worldwide, in the other world wide applications.

Product Features:

Multi-user supporting: the software supports up to 999 users.

Synchronization: the software allows synchronization of users and Chats based on their exchange.
AMNTService Features:
• Add Multi User chatting system with AM Messanger
• Multiple Chat system with maximum 999 users.
• Support unlimited Chats
• Supports Chat login feature with auto login password recovery
• Supports auto user creation
• Supports chat windows with re-sizeing the chat area.
• Supports Chat Invitation system
• Supports character encoders
• Supports character combinations, there are various character combinations which will reflect the chat as following,
The following character combinations are allowed:
– A+B
– A|B
– A(B)
– A(:-B)
– A(:A)
– A(:B)
– A(:B)-B
– A(-B)
– A(:-B)
– A(-B)-B
• Supports Chat rooms with massive size.
• Supports online user registration and login.
• Supports online user deletion.
• Supports online user and group chat functionality.
• Supports password recovery for authentication purposes.
• Supports Chat history.
• Supports AMNT File System used for storing each user’s Chats in a unique way.
• Supports Chat and user status systems.
• Supports Chat Logout.
• Supports Chat auto-logout and auto-logout (user defined)
• Supports Chats and user area with maximum 8192 x 8192
• Supports predefined Chat rules.
• Support chat windows (list of users in each chat window).
• Supports user pool function.


AM NT Service Server Features
• Auto login: the software creates login ID and password for every user automatically when it is going to execute the first time.
• Auto logout: the software automatically logouts the user from the chat room when user requests for logout.
• Auto login from the user: the software supports auto login feature and user can log in to the chat room if he knows his/her login Id.
• Auto logout: the software automatically logouts the user from the chat room when user requests for logout.

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What’s New in the?

Gives you detailed information on all functions and components of the AM Service.
You can control the bandwidth, the flow of data through the system, and the accounts added to the system.
* AM Chat Server
* AM Service
* AM Service Manager
* AM Server list
* AM Server log
* Task Manager
* Alerts
* Failover and failbackQ:

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System Requirements:

Xbox 360
Windows 7/8/10. Mac OS X (10.9 and later)
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3
Wii U

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