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A Matter of Blood () is a 2018 Colombian-British historical drama film directed by Fernando Meirelles and starring Javier Bardem, Eddie Marsan, Anne-Marie Duff, Kelly Macdonald, and Luke Evans. The film is about the Francoist-era massacre of the leftist political party, EPL in June 1936 in the Carabobo region of Colombia.

It is Bardem’s third collaboration with Meirelles, following Blinded by the Light (2016) and The Light Between Oceans (2017).

In 1936, in the eastern zone of Colombia, revolutionary groups from the ELN, EPL and the Movimiento Unido de Liberación Nacional (MUEN) are gaining support in the villages that are located in the disputed region called El Orinoco. The intention of the military and state government is to silence these groups and end the conflict that is damaging the economy. Local politicians, bribed by the government, are preparing an army of peasants to kill the revolutionaries.


Javier Bardem as Colonel Juan de Dios Andújar
Eddie Marsan as Gilberto Mancheno Rios
Anne-Marie Duff as Bridget Conway
Kelly Macdonald as Dulcinea
Luke Evans as General Alfredo Osorio
Adrián Gaona as Juan de Dios Andújar
Paola Núñez as Doña Josué Andújar, Juan de Dios Andújar’s mother
José Manuel Di Pace as Herr Hosol
Pedro Pascal as Santillán
Mónica Ibarra as Isabel de Rios
Rubén Fernández as Hugo
César Castro as Peña
Juan Pablo Falcón as Antonio Ramírez
Mauricio Zabalo as Arnulfo
José Tafur as Tómas
Pablo Viñas as Cipriano
Ludovico Di Santo as Gonzalo
Claudio Giménez Cacho as Señor de Ubiegüe

Filming took

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My name is Monya Gordon and I am the founder, editor and publisher of Pinkoi. I’m a technology journalist and organic chemist by background, and I’ve worked at a number of tech publications in the UK, USA, and Australia. I’m a big fan of all things tech and body pillows.Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a life threatening disease which has a relatively poor outcome for patients. At the present time, the treatment for AML can be divided into two groups: induction chemotherapy and post-induction therapy. The 5-year survival rate for AML ranges from 20 to 30%. Although the overall survival rate has not improved significantly, the event-free survival rate has improved. While the 5-year event-free survival rate has reached 40% to 50% for some subset of AML, this is still relatively low. The prognosis of AML is poorer for patients in relapse than for those patients who have never experienced relapse. As a result, 30% of AML patients in the first complete remission will relapse (Yadav et al., 2001).
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