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Scheduling on EC2 Windows instances

I have 4 VM’s running on windows OS. I have a selenium test case that needs to run in a certain interval. I was thinking to create a loop for this test where I take care of a necessary cleanup on each instance. The question I have is if I use a cron job for this task, is it a suitable solution? or is there a better/better known approach?
I’m looking for something that’ll work on windows as I do not want to migrate to Unix and use scheduled tasks for this.


If you are using Windows Server and Amazon CloudFormation to create the instance, you will be able to create a Powershell script that will control the machine and execute selenium. You can then have it run automatically.
This link walks you through creating a script that will execute some task automatically.

Sunday, September 9, 2014

Smoke Is The Shadow

The smoke smell in the air is still going strong. It’s the end of
summer, and I can’t decide if the smell on the air means that summer is
over or that fall is on its way.

It’s the full moon tonight, and during the early morning hours
smoke from the wildfires continued to rise into the clear and starry
night sky.

When the air became clear, I walked down the long path to the
lake. In the moon


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I’m a PhD student at the University of Oxford.
In the last two years,
I’ve been involved with this project
called ‘DeepMind’.
And ‘DeepMind’ is a collective research effort
that started more than five years ago,
and it’s now a company
which is sort of the Sony of AI.
The goal of the research is,
we want to build an AI which can solve
kind of the entire cognitive process
that humans have in the brain.
Because it’s called ‘Cognitive Science’.
There’s a reason why it’s called ‘cognitive’
and the reason why it’s called’science’ is
because it’s like chemistry.
This is what it looks like
in the brain’s chemistry
and what we’re trying to do with AI
is to have AI do something
that is like the way
humans think, and in that sense,
it’s like a scientific process
of how the brain works.
Somewhere in there,
we’re not quite sure yet exactly where,
you’ll find the thing
that the AI is trying to learn.
But what it is learning
is our understanding of the brain.
This is why it’s called ‘DeepMind’
because it’s a deep learning technology.
It is based on the observations that humans

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