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I’ve created a new map with default settings and keybindings. It is a much smaller map with a single building. The first screenshot shows how it looks like in Windowed mode.. I would like to see a full render of the.png file. It would be nice to have an.avi video file.

I want to have a map with multiple buildings, and all their different options. I can do the map, but when I open the building options, all the options appear in the order they are in the tab, so the first building I open has the last option (first button) in the tab, rather than the second building (2nd button). Here’s a screenshot:

I can’t post any pictures as I’m on my cellphone, but can you provide a tutorial for doing this?


I figured it out. For people who are interested, here’s what I did.

Created the main.cfg file in a text editor.
Started Blender in Windowed mode
Pressed File > Import > Text > Select txt file
Set the text file I created as the editor.cfg file (Assuming you save with the “.txt” extension)

Then, I opened each building in the Blender Default Building mode. When I opened the Building Options for the first building, I set the option (in the screenshot below) to Tab:Only; Different: Wooden Decor options: None; and changed the tab to Prefab:Projected.

In the same way, I changed the options for the second building and third building (which was styled differently than the first building).

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CSS: How to prevent a child div from wrapping around parent div?

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