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Full Featured Windows .NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support
Here are some key features of “IRC”:
■ Multi-Servers
■ SOCKS4-5/HTTP Proxy
■ Notify/Ignore/Tree/Transfers/Browser/Files/Raw/Events/URL windows
■ Full Layout/Color/Font Customization
■ Opacity/Transparency support
■ Auto OnStart/Connect/Reconnect/OnConnect/Join/Rejoin/OnJoin/Away
■ Logging, Filtering
■ Sounds
■ Alarms
■ Locking
■ Aliases
■ Timers
■ Variables
■ Readable/Editable Config/Menu Files.
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See Screen Shot Below…
Simply put, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.
.IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an easy-to-use, multi-user, real-time communication protocol. The clients and servers do most of the work, and the tools simply enable you to connect and talk.
.IRC requires no special client software; no installation is necessary.
.IRC also supports nickname resolutions, can automatically log on to many servers at once and automatically rejoin a server if you leave.
.IRC clients
[The newest version of.IRC supports SSL. It also supports PGP, Obfuscation, DetectShell/DirectConnect, OnStart/OnLogon/OnUnload, ChangeServer/LazyLogon/LazyJoin, AutoDialog, AutoTranslate,
ChangeNickname/Cache/Log/Edit/StripField/HideField/FiltField/IncludeField, AutoMenu/Menu/Command/TabSet/Group/Repeat/NoRepeat, AutoRead, AutoTranslate/Version, AutoIRC, Message/Alert/Modem/BCSTV,
AutoNickname, AutoKick, AutoJoin, AutoAway/MultiLogOut, AutoNumb, AutoSignal, AutoNotify, AutoOnStart/Rejoin, AutoOnConnect, AutoOnReconnect, AutoOnJoin, AutoOnLeave, AutoDisconnect, AutoLogout,
AutoSecurity, AutoAdd, AutoJoin and AutoAway]
.IRC (Internet Relay Chat) can run on a server or on your desktop. There are many ways to configure this.IRC client so that it works for you.
.IRC Server Requirements:
[Note: All IRC servers require a username. You may give your client a name which you may then refer to within your.IRC client. However, other people in the channel may have to refer to your nickname. You may choose to disable or hide your nickname within your.IRC client. If you have a bot that you don’t want to be referenced by others (such as an anonymous proxy, IRC spambot or other bot, etc.), you may hide your nick and refer to it by a different name.
The most simple requirement for an IRC server is the ability to listen on an IP address. However, it’s possible to ask questions like:
“What is the most popular client on the Web?”
“What are some of the most popular channels on this

.IRC Crack + Keygen Full Version PC/Windows

IRC Client for Windows.
Full featured IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support.
It supports Multi-Servers (
IRC Server), IRC Over SSL (
IRC Over SSL), IRC Over HTTP (
IRC Over HTTP), IRC Over TCP (
IRC Over TCP), HTTP Proxy for IRC (
HTTP Proxy for IRC), and SOCKS5 Proxy for IRC (
SOCKS5 Proxy for IRC)
.IRC for Windows Features:
* If using SSL, it is encrypted automatically with FIPS-140 level 1 of encryption.
* Multi-Server support including support for FreeNodes (
FreeNodes (
FreeNodes), ZeroIRC, and Jabber.
* Notify/Ignore/Tree/Transfers/Browser/Files/Raw/Events/URL windows.
* Full Layout/Color/Font Customization.
* Opacity/Transparency support.
* Auto OnStart/Connect/Reconnect/OnConnect/Join/Rejoin/Away.
* Logging, Filtering
* Sounds
* Locking
* Aliases
* Timers
* Variables
* Readable/Editable Config/Menu Files.
.IRC for Windows Technical Details:
* Built on IRCLib2, by Jimmy Filée.
* Written in C#.
* Under GPL.
* New minor version release 2.02.3
FreeNodes (
FreeNodes), ZeroIRC, and Jabber are supported by default.
.IRC for Windows Quick Start Guide:
* Install.NET Framework 2.0.
* Install the latest setup of.NET Framework 2.0 and.NET Framework 2.0
and.NET Framework 2.0 SP1.
(Right-click on the setup, and select Run->All Programs->Windows
->Visual Studio 2005->Framework Setup).
* Start.NET IRC Client setup.
* Choose “Netherlands (NL)” as your preferred country (to appear in
the Logout menu).
* Enter your details:
• User Name
• Password
• Date of Birth
* Connect to the IRC network of your choice.
.IRC for Windows Getting Started Guide:
If you are new to IRC, visit
.IRC for Windows Getting Started Guide (
.IRC for Windows Getting Started Guide)
to get some basic.NET IRC Client tips and tricks.
.IRC for Windows Documentation

.IRC Patch With Serial Key For Windows

Use this program to open a secured IRC network connection. Don’t worry, we’ve
protected the IRC.NET network using SSL.
.IRC Frequently Asked Questions:
Is your program any good?
Have you seen open source or commercial IRC programs?
How does your program compare?
How can I help you develop and maintain this program?
Can I suggest fixes or additional features?
(Common questions…)
I am curious. Can I add my own servers?
Can I create my own shortcut?
Can I change my text color?
Can I use themes and skins?
Can I add an FTP client?
Can I upload and download files?
Is your program for other languages?
Can I help translate or upload your program?
Is your program for the Linux OS?
Is your program for the Mac OS X?
(Where else is your program useful?)
How can I help?
What should I do to help?
Can I contribute?
How can I contribute?
(Versioning and Licensing)
What version am I running?
What is the newest version?
What is the newest stable release?
What about updates?
Do you want donations?
Do you want to purchase commercial support?
(Important notes…)
First of all, click here to keep this program from being removed.
If you do remove it, don’t blame me.
Does your program work perfectly?
It should work perfectly as it is built from the source code.
What do I do with your application if it doesn’t work perfectly?
If it doesn’t work perfectly, you can try to manually download the
application and see if you can get it running.
If you compile, there’s a lot of other things going on that you might
be able to do.
Is your program open source?
Of course. You can see and edit the source code.
(Official Repository)
Is your program distributed through the official repository?
(Unofficial Repository)
Is your program distributed through the unofficial repository?
Are you making a game?
Are you making a puzzle game?
Do you want to help with the design?
Do you want to be a contributor?
(Special Thanks)
A couple of companies are noted in the “about” dialog.
These companies make software and hardware that I use in the application.

What’s New In .IRC?

IRC-Network Client Software. Although IRC is a simple protocol, it has
a complex history, with a long evolution to the present. The
protocol is known as X.31, which is an evolutionary step from
protocols such as DTINET and DCC. Features that are typical of
classic chat clients should be available in an IRC client.
For more information about the protocol see
1) Multi-servers support
2) SOCKS4/5/HTTP Proxy support
3) SOCKS5 server support
4) Multiple T-Bot support
5) Notify/Ignore/Tree/Transfers/Browser/Files/Raw/Events/URL windows
6) Full Layout/Color/Font Customization
7) Opacity/Transparency support
8) Auto OnStart/Connect/Reconnect/OnConnect/Join/Rejoin/Away
9) Logging, Filtering
10) Sounds
11) Alarms
12) Locking
13) Aliases
14) Timers
15) Variables
16) Readable/Editable Config/Menu Files
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
irc-client (IRC-Network Client Software), version 1.2
Author: Christian Wolf (christian.wolf@gmx.de)
This client was built on December 19, 2005 to replace the old
“IRC v2” client in my GNOME distribution “moe” (
The moe distribution is build around GNOME, a free (as in “Free
Software”) desktop for Linux, Unix, and *BSD. For more information
Version 1.2

System Requirements:

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 and SGH-I337 or newer (4.1.2 and newer)
Display :
1.6” screen resolution
android OS: 4.3 and newer
Display : 1.8” screen resolution
It is recommended to have at least 1GB of RAM ( 2GB is ideal ) for smooth experience.


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