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A special type of editing package called Corel Photo-Paint uses the same concept, but its editing system is somewhat different. It is often used by advanced amateur photographers who want to manipulate their images. I have seen some very clever examples using Photo-Paint. It’s also used for image retouching, painting, and creating composites.

The following list describes some of Photoshop’s most important features:

The Background layer: The background layer contains the original image that you placed in the Photoshop file. This is usually your starting point. To create new layers, you have to click the Layers palette icon and then choose the New Layer icon. To return the image to the Background layer, right-click a layer and choose Flip Visibility.

The Background layer is probably the most important layer in Photoshop. It provides a canvas to create additional layers. Because it is the first layer added to the file, the original image is transparent to begin with. As you work in Photoshop and modify the image’s layers, you can see the original image behind the layers. You can refer to any image layer by its number. Click a layer in the Layers palette to display the properties for that layer.

Mask: This feature creates a layer that enables you to “mask out” a specific part of the image. You can either use the area that you want to mask by highlighting it with a magic wand or by filling the area with a color. Masking can be helpful when you want to create a template that you can reuse, such as in a photo of a baby. The mask, then, is just an empty layer with a white fill. You can create a mask layer from a selected color, from the Lasso or Magic Wand tool, or from a selection made with the Select or Marquee tools. You can make the mask as small or large as you want. In Figure 2-1, I have selected a small area to be masked and made the layer transparent.

Figure 2-1: You can mask specific areas of an image or the entire image.

Drawing tools: These tools enable you to create and modify line, ellipse, arc, and rectangle shapes. The Magic Wand tool selects an area, converts it to a path, and then enables you to modify the shape. The Rectangular and Elliptical selection tools select rectangular or ellipse-shaped areas. The Polygonal Lasso tool can be used to create polygons. The Pattern

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The most common features of the program are divided into nine main sections:

– Raw processing

– Camera Raw (or a digital Camera)

– Basic and Advanced editing tools

– Adjustments panel

– Undo

– Advanced options

– Selective editing tools

– Histogram

For our review, I’ll start by showing how to open a new image, import a previously saved image and how to use the Automate tools in Photoshop. After that, I will examine the most useful tools and explain how to use them to get the best out of the program.

In short, this program is a great choice for all Photoshop novices. Whether you want to edit your photos or design your website, Photoshop Elements will make your life easier. It can even help you to quickly fix small photographic errors.

Learning Photoshop Elements

Upon loading the program, you will see the main menu and the options available to you.

You can use the arrows to move from one option to another. Click on the options you want to change to display its corresponding dialog. The icons to the right of the menus represent the functions of the main tabs and other sections.

The main menu contains the following options:


Use the pop-up menu on the top right to switch between the tabs on the left side of the window.

When you launch Photoshop Elements from the start, it will open in its default tab. You will find instructions on how to open another tab in the “Use the fly-out menus” part of this article.

Photoshop Elements opening

The first tab you will open is Import. Here, you can import new images to edit. If you are using a digital camera, you can also use the Import or Files options on the Data panel in the main menu to import your images. The files you import will be added to a new tab called Camera Raw.

If you have previously imported your images, you can quickly open these files by clicking on the icon with a blue paper stack in the top of the right-hand side of the dialog.

By default, a new image is opened in Camera Raw, but this can be changed at any time.

Main options and tabs

Let’s now look at the main options available and the tabs in which you will find them.

The first tab in the program is the “My

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System Requirements For Download Adobe Photoshop Latest Version For Windows 10 Free:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
Pc with 2048×1536 resolution
Adobe flash player 9.0.124 or higher
or higher Minimum RAM 1024 MB
1024 MB Disk Space 4 GB
Supported OS’: Win 7 & 8
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