Q and A with the NuBra Development Team

After weeks of searching endlessly online and in stores for that special dress, I had finally found the perfect one for my upcoming event. But there was one issue; the back of the long, black-velvet gown I had decided on was completely open and the size of my breasts do not allow me to go commando. So I was back on the hunt, this time for the perfect bra. This is how I discovered NuBra.

Developed in 2002, NuBra is a patented, backless, strapless bra made from safe materials that use medical-grade adhesive. The front is a mold of two cups whose sides stick to your body under your armpits. There is a clasp in front that brings the cups together and also allows you to adjust the level of cleavage you’d like to have. The best part of NuBra is that it gives women the freedom to wear whatever top or dress they want without having their bra stick out or sacrificing their natural shape. When you see it, you might question if it can really function as a bra, but trust the millions of devoted fans, it’s supportive, comfortable, and truly works. And while I first discovered it for a special occasion, we learned that many women are reaching for their adhesive bras a lot more frequently, like every day.

Q and A with NuBra Founders, Dennis Chen and Daren Peng

After being a fan myself, I was lucky to speak with two people at the helm of NuBra, Dennis Chen and Daren Peng, and asked them some questions about being a leader in this category and how it all came to be.

How did you come up with the idea of this amazing product?
It was more of a process of gradual innovation and evolution, rather than one big eureka moment. Our company actually started out making various silicone gel products, one of which was post-mastectomy breast forms. That led to us producing silicone breast enhancers since many customers liked how soft and natural our products were and were interested in nonsurgical enhancement.

Q and A with NuBra Founders, Dennis Chen and Daren Peng

Eventually, we had the idea to turn our breast enhancers into a bra by designing a pair of bra cups that could be connected with a center clasp, and things pretty much took off from there. Ultimately the idea came out of identifying a need and trying to come up with a way to help solve it, and that’s also essentially what we continue to strive to do with NuBra.

I see you have expanded into colors and prints. Was this as a result of customers’ requests?
In some ways, yes, expanding our product range was due to demand. The most common requests we had received in the past were for us to expand our color selection among our basic/skin tone range, which is why we added the Chocolate color a few years ago.

Q and A with NuBra Founders, Dennis Chen and Daren Peng

Another request we had was for more options in white, which we recently were finally able to add to our collection. In terms of patterns and prints, however, we’re trying to offer more options and styles for people who might want something a bit different from the usual solid-color basics.

What is the best piece of feedback you received from the customer?
Q and A with NuBra Founders, Dennis Chen and Daren Peng

We’ve definitely received a lot of great feedback over the years, not just in terms of our products, but even our way of thinking as well. We discovered our customers actually stopped wearing traditional bras and instead use our adhesive bras as their everyday go-to because they found them so comfortable.

We also learned that sometimes parts of the bra might still peek out in certain outfits. As a result, we developed a range of products to address that, such as the Seamless Demi or the Push Up Plunge, to name a few. We’ve also recently developed not just a product, but a different way of wearing our bras altogether.

The brand shared this video, which demonstrates how you can wear the bra with halter-style tops by swapping the cup and applying them vertically.

Any interesting stats?
We’ve heard from many customers saying they’ve worn their NuBra adhesive bra over 100 times. I’ve also heard from women who dug up one of our bras that they had forgotten in their closet for a few years, and they still worked great. As we always try to stress, of course, the key is proper cleaning and storage to keep NuBra adhesive bras sticking like the day they were opened.

Q and A with NuBra Founders, Dennis Chen and Daren Peng

To clean your Nubra, the brand recommends following these easy instructions:

• While holding one bra cup in the palm of your hand, wet the adhesive surface with warm water and add 2-3 drops of a mild, non-moisturizing liquid soap.
• Gently clean using just your fingertips in a circular motion. Do not use your fingernails as they can tear the adhesive. Rinse with warm water.
• Shake off all excess water and air dry before placing the bra into the clear, plastic case included with the original package.
• Do not use a towel to dry the bra.

As for the future of NuBra, Dennis and Daren plan to continue to see how they can expand the company based on the needs in apparel. “There is so much room for comfortable lingerie in daily life and we hope to be part of the changing paradigm as well.”

Learn more about Nubra

Website: https://www.nubra.com/
Email: info@nubra.com

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