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The best way to wrap up the year is wrapped in the most stylish and comfortable loungewear. Mapale has introduced an incredible range of sleep and lounge styles perfect for the colder weather when all you want to do is stay in and watch Christmas movie marathons from the couch. And don’t forget Valentine’s Day—the U.S.-based lingerie brand has several options for your special day of love.

Here is a recap of some of their bestselling and most popular holiday pieces.

Laid-Back Lounging

Naturally, such a large product range is grouped into smaller collections. There’s Life is Better in PJs, for example, which uses a chilled-out color palette of white, grey and baby pink. Karina Valencia, Account Executive at Mapalé, describes this range as the brand’s “flirty, sexy, cute pajamas.”

Here you’ll find lashings of subtly-sexy pink leopard print, plus tongue-in-cheek slogans such as ‘Donut Disturb’. This range also includes a standout set that features a grey crop top and brief with ruffled shoulders, a sheer lace reverse, and a cut-out that spans the width of your back. (Read more).

Moon Crescent

Mapalé Holiday Season Collection 2019

Moon Crescent not only reflects one of our favorite color combinations for the Christmas occasion, red on black, but the essence behind the collection is intrinsic to the intended season.

It represents that time at the end of the year when a woman is reflective – looking back on her accomplishments, planning her next moves and celebrating her victories.

Taking time off to relax and enjoy life’s beautiful moments during the holidays will be all the sweeter when she is clad in pretty, on-trend plaid and lace from the Moon Crescent selection. Read more.

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Don’t forget about Mapale’s lounge sets for Valentine’s day this year. They provide the best of both worlds – sexy and comfy. “Whether it be spending the holiday with a partner, girlfriends or showering yourself with love – our great assortment of lounge pieces are perfect for the intimate, chill occasion,” says the brand. Read more.

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