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“Nudea’s mission is simple: to create beautifully crafted, functional underwear that not only fits and looks better, but can be worn throughout the day without compromising on comfort.” – Sophie Morgenthaler, Nudea cofounder.

Launching this month, Nudea,, is a new fit-centric lingerie brand offering expertly crafted, comfortable intimates that fit without compromising on a feminine aesthetic. Direct to consumer and online-only, Nudea says it is breaking industry norms by modernizing the measuring process, with a true focus on user experience and customer satisfaction – from initial online browse through to delivery.

nudea lingerie collection

‘Nudea’, meaning new goddess, is fuelled by an obsession with fit and inclusivity and embraces the cultural shift away from overtly sexy lingerie to a more modern, body-positive attitude. Appealing to modern-minded women, Nudea offers a wide size range, neutral, contemporary colour palettes and hero styles designed and created for real women with real bodies.

By embracing diverse body shapes and engaging over 600 UK women in a pioneering size and fit research and development process, Nudea’s team has dissected and re-engineered the 20+ components that make up even the most basic of bras with fit and comfort in mind. Further supporting the brand’s dedication to fit, Nudea’s online fit quiz has been created with intelligent algorithms to recommend fit taking into account current fit issues, bust shape and height. Additionally, Nudea’s bespoke measuring tape measure revolutionizes the way women can measure themselves, ultimately empowering women to fit themselves as and when they need to.

nudea lingerie collection

Nudea CEO and Co-Founder, Priya Downes, comments: “For the past two years, we have researched more than 600 amazing women to understand the biggest issues they face when getting fitted, choosing and finally purchasing a bra. By being customer-focused, challenging and dissecting each step in the customer journey we have been able to perfect our product and DTC proposition.By giving women the tools to achieve comfort and style via an online fit quiz, fit parties and Nudea’s bespoke tape measure, women needn’t dread the stuffy, poorly lit fitting room experience any longer. We really are rebelling against badly fitted lingerie.”

nudea lingerie collection

Nudea Creative Director and Co-Founder, Sophie Morgenthaler, adds: “Nudea’s mission is simple: to create beautifully crafted, functional underwear that not only fits and looks better, but can be worn throughout the day without compromising on comfort. By marrying the best new high-performance technology fabrics, lightweight hardware and bonding techniques with a design-led aesthetic, we are delivering smooth, invisible and lightweight finishes across Nudea’s debut collections.”

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About the brand

Co-founders Priya Downes and Sophie Morgenthaler met while working together at Fiorucci launching Fiorucci’s underwear collection. They quickly realised that they were a dream team to bring a new, much-needed lingerie brand to the market. And so Nudea was born.

Priya Downes
After a career in investment banking, Nudea Co-Founder and CEO Priya Downes followed her dream to move into luxury fashion where she worked at brands including Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, and Fiorucci. Priya strives to bring her love for craftsmanship, design and personal customer experience driven by her luxury background to lingerie. Priya has championed sustainability throughout her career and is involved in several philanthropic causes including as mentor for the British Fashion Council’s new-gen designers and a member of the Fashion Trust. Priya is passionate about female leadership and building a more gender-balanced world.

Sophie Morgenthaler
A highly experienced and respected lingerie designer with over 20 years in the industry, Sophie Morgenthaler is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Nudea. Sophie has worked in London and New York leading and consulting for intimate apparel teams at Debenhams, Myla, the Mosaic Group and Victoria’s Secret. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the lingerie industry’s attitude towards women’s shapes and the unrealistic images they continue to promote, Sophie has personally pushed a new agenda for a more natural approach to lingerie.

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