Missy Noir Bodysuit Style Guide

“What you wear closest to your skin should delight and comfort you. This is what Missy Noir loves about bodysuits, providing security and comfort to embrace your sexiness.” – Justene Sharpe Jones, Missy Noir founder.

The bodysuit is arguably the most flexible silhouette in your wardrobe. They’re usually impeccably designed, form fitting and stylish. All that’s needed is a bit of creativity to meld this piece for an evening in or out.

Missy Noir OTS Enchanted Bodysuit

“[Bodysuits] smooth out your silhouette acting similar to shapewear but much more stylish and comfortable. They stay where they are supposed to on your body and YAY no more pesky readjusting,” said Missy Noir founder, Justene Sharp-Jones. “Because you can wear it as a blouse and underwear in one it’s easy to throw together an outfit and be out the door.”

Sounds easy, right? We all know with jobs, side hustles and family life, inner wear as outerwear ideas often takes the back seat to other priorities. Luckily, we have Justene to guide you through some bodysuit options available on her website along with some stylish advice.

OTS Enchanted Bodysuit

Missy Noir OTS Enchanted Bodysuit

Sizes: S-XL
Buy this style: https://missynoir.com.au/product/enchanted-ots-bodysuit/

The OTS Enchanted Bodysuit is the modern-day definition of comfortable lingerie. A simple reason why we love this bodysuit is its’ soft & smooth jersey fabric which lightly hugs the body. It’s an lingerie piece you won’t be in a rush to take off. Making it perfect for those vacays or lazy weekends when we finally get the freedom to wear what you want all day.

The beautiful bodysuit gets us thinking resort styling – bed to lazy day to pool to bar outfit. Wear it on it’s own around the house (all day why not), pair with some breezy exquisite pants for a polished comfortable chic poolside look like these by designer Nardia Panettiere.

Constellation Bodysuit

Missy Noir Bodysuit Constellation_missynoir_2

Sizes: S–XL
Buy this style: https://missynoir.com.au/product/constellation-bodysuit/

The constellation bodysuit designed by Thistle & Spire is a versatile lingerie piece perfect for inspiring confidence. The outfit options for this bodysuit are endless!

This statement piece is perfectly teamed with a leather jacket for a ‘biker look’ for that extra bit of fierce impact. We have teamed it with a black silk skirt, as it’s fun playing with different dimensions especially with an all-black outfit. For a girl who lives in white this statement piece installs a definite empowerment. Now obsessed with the side of me I never met, I also teamed it with a snake skinned print mini-skirt on a night out, and damn I felt great!

It may look restrictive, but this fearless lingerie outfit is another one you won’t want to take off – comfortable and super sexy.

Belle Strapless Lace Bodysuit

LazyGirl Lingerie Belle Strapless Lace Bodysuit

Sizing: S-XL

We love this bodysuit by Lazygirl Lingerie which also is a perfect gift for an engagement or wedding!

It’s not just a bodysuit but can be worn as a non-wired bodice too. It exudes a sense of playfulness, naturally flirty and sexy vibe. The high waisted sheer mesh bottoms hug your figure and are set off with a glossy satin belt to accentuate your waist. This strapless white lace bodysuit is made for the belle of the ball.

We love this bodysuit as a causal summer outfit that can be dressed up with a white linen A-line skirt. The intricate detailing of the lace and polka-dots keeps things classic, so no need for too much effort in styling. Also perfect for those heading to heaps of weddings. Just change up the skirt and accessories and you’ve got a whole new outfit.

So, if you are feeling a bit sensuous or find it difficult to make up your mind you now don’t need to decide between a bralette or bodysuit – you can have both.

Learn More about Missy Noir Bodysuits

Website: https://missynoir.com.au/product-category/bodysuits/

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