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For many, Fall has become a synonym for the word cozy. Knit sweaters, scarves and boots quickly come to mind. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of sweater-weather, but what I do love is comfortable loungewear pieces that warm you up when it gets chilly outside.

Addiction Douceur is a line of loungewear that I have my eye on this season. The pieces are light, soft and incredibly breathable, which makes them ideal for any weather. For example, the shawl that is part of the line’s new travel kit, is perfect to take on flights where the air always seems to be cranked a notch colder than you’d like it to be.

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Since my body temperature generally runs colder than I’d like it to be, I’ve added the Douceur shawl to my fall wardrobe wish list. There are a few other items from the line I think are worth investing in this fall. Read on for my picks.

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The summer I practically lived in my short cotton robe, and I’m ready for a fall upgrade. I love that the modal fabric will keep me warmer in the morning and evening, but not too hot. In fact, the robe is made from Lenzing Modal, which is able to absorb and release moisture to support the body’s natural thermal regulation processes. Plus, it comes in my favorite color—blush—in addition to six other calming shades.

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I must admit that leggings are one of my go-to silhouette option for pants. While I keep trying to make the Athleisure trend work me, I’m much more comfortable in leggings in two places—at the gym and on my couch. My workout leggings are too restrictive for lounging, but a pair from the Douceur line would make my nightly Netflix binge session even better.

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Fall doesn’t mean you are stuck with shapeless hoodies. I am always looking for soft and cozy shirts that are also form-fitting. Sometimes we confuse comfort with over-sized and baggy sweats, but this long sleeve shirt features the brand’s trademark modal fabric and an ultra-feminine cut that will make you feel and look great.

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