CURVENEWYORK August 2019: Out with the old – in with the new

Twice a year, New York City becomes the lingerie capital of the world thanks to CURVEXPO. This summer, the trade event opened its doors to a multitude of domestic, European and worldwide brands from August 4 – 6, 2019 at Jacob Javits Center.

The moment you stepped into the lobby, monumental-sized posters welcomed you in while cheerful turquoise and lemon colored runners took you downstairs into the main pavilion housing hundreds of brands. Each morning, the inviting aroma of coffee and pastries welcomed everyone. After a few hours of cruising the floor and meeting with brand reps, lunch was a delight of savory or sweet crepes while chatting with friends.

Lifestyle photo by Asi Efros

Then…the afternoon seminars…and finally a buttery scent of freshly made popcorn signaling the end of the day. For me the CURVENEWYORK was a perfect place to meet old friends and make new ones over a glass of champagne. Overall, it felt like a celebration of creativity and indulgence of all senses.

The Lifestyle

The Perfect V photo by Asi Efros
For me, the highlight of the show was a Lifestyle Lounge where buyers found an accoutrement of accessories complimenting lingerie and sleepwear in their boutiques.

Among companies in the Lifestyle Lounge was THE PERFECT V featuring a luxury line of skincare for the bikini area. Native of Copenhagen, Avonda Urben (Founder and CEO), showcased a VV Serum and VV beauty mist – beautifully packaged and suited even for the most demanding “vanicures”. This type of product designed for women by women and answering their most intimate needs has been gaining traction in the consumer community.

Remedy photo by Asi Efros
REMEDY is a wonderful collection of massage products with pure CBD oils. They are known for their relaxation and mind calming qualities. The oils are GMO/pesticide free, sun grown and developed by women. We couldn’t have asked for a product with a better DNA.

The LUVSCRUB, NOVA , PRIM BOTANICALS and THE FLORAL SOCIETY were some of the other US brands showcased in that section being a perfect complement to any upscale lingerie shop.
After getting acquainted with the Lifestyle Lounge the turquoise runner lead me to the lingerie floor.

Tradition of eco-ethics

Studio Pia photo by Asi Efros

Here I found one of the most exciting designers at STUDIO PIA. Pia’s collection is the epitome of poise, style and elegance produced with the eco-ethical mindset, something every designer and design house needs to adopt as their strategy.

Studio Pia photo by Asi Efros
“This is a luxury Lingerie with a conscience” said Pia while showing me gorgeous pieces from her new line. Fully adjustable bustier, bra and bodysuit, handcrafted using embroidery of Pia’s original design and organic peace silk (silk produced via non-violent silk breeding and harvesting) reminded me of the iconic British luxury lingerie company that closed their doors a few years back. I was so glad to see the British lingerie tradition incarnate in Pia’s designs.


Parfait booth photo by Asi Efros
I was happy to hear the word “inclusivity” and see all-inclusive advertisement campaigns at CURVENEWYORK. PARFAIT has been leading the group of brands with their timely and needed underwear ads.

Parfait and Natori sponsored inclusivity panel at CURVE in NYC August 2019. Photo by John Brown

Photo by John Brown.

I also attended the seminar where speakers couldn’t stress enough that brands must be true to the concept of inclusivity and not just use it to grab the public’s attention. Authenticity is a new commodity in this day and age of social media and peer to peer marketing.


Evelyn and Bobbie photo by Asi Efros

EVELYN AND BOBBIE – is another incredible brand deserving attention. Bree McKeen, Founder & CEO, is committed to “rejecting outdated assumptions in order to create beautiful, functional, and premium products for women”. The brand is producing modern and comfortable underwear using the latest innovations in seamless and bonding technologies. They are utilizing 16 patents in 7 countries to produce problem solving essentials that feel like a second skin and match all skin tones.

Made in NYC

Larissa Kate photo by Asi Efros

New to Curve New York LARISSA KATE is a local designer who is crafting her line of silk loungewear and lingerie right here in NYC. This is Larissa on the picture wearing one of her silk chemises as a dress being true to the innerwear as outerwear concept.

Larissa Kate photo by Asi Efros

“You are a work of art – your lingerie should be too” is her philosophy and the illustration of that is this bra. Combination of sporty elements and romantic chifley embroidery in an organic pattern holds a promise of more captivating and memorable styles to be developed in the future by this aspiring designer.

Underwear that makes you happy

UWILA photo by Asi Efros
UWILA WARRIER: How often does your underwear make you laugh? These panties with the initials of the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg do just that.

UWILA Warrior RBG photo by Asi Efros
Ginsburg has received attention in American popular culture for her fiery liberal dissents and refusal to step down. She has been dubbed the “Notorious R.B.G.” in reference to the rapper Notorious B.I.G.

In addition to the Pop culture reference Uwila’s underwear are adorned with lace 100% silk, moisture-wicking, fast drying, tagless panties and camisoles. All their products come in fun colors and inclusive sizing to make you feel and look happy.

“Uwila Warrior is for the woman who goes into the world smart and smiling, completely confident in who she is.”

The Future

Journelle photo by Asi Efros
Leaving the Curve New York I was already fantasizing about the next event in February 2020 which promises to be even more exciting and educational.
Until then…

Asi Efros

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