Mapalé Displays & Packaging Updates Unveiled

“When women go shopping they want to feel glamorous and beautiful. That’s why top lingerie brands distinguish themselves by giving their intimates extra luxurious packaging.” – Lizzièe Jeréz.

It’s no secret that great packaging and strong displays draw in customers, enticing them towards the final sale. For brick-and-mortar retailers looking to improve their profit margins, Mapalé unveiled a new, eye-catching display unit and packaging just in time for the summer shopping season.

Mapale Display at Altitude. Photo by David Cherkis

Above: Mapale Display at the last edition of the Altitude Intimates Show. Photo by David Cherkis.

The all white, rounded rectangular wood display showcases the brand’s logo on top and a cut-out model that can stand attached. Its slim profile measures 34.05 inch wide x 66.9 Inch high (sans model) and holds up to 144 Mapalé boxes.

Mapale Display

“We’ve made this new display super easy to set up and place in your store. It’s designed to stand out and invite customers into the experience.” said Mapalé’s co-founder, Angela Tobon. “And all displays are available to retail stores with qualifying Mapalé purchases at no cost.”

Mapalé Displays Merchandising Advice

Mapale Display

“All displays are available to retail stores with qualifying Mapalé purchases at no cost.”

Once a retailer gets their hands on the new Mapale Display, they should also take into consideration a few more key visual merchandising tips:

1. Good Lighting

Don’t underestimate the influence light has on your customer’s mood. A well lit store and display makes a huge difference. Set up your display in an area of your store that won’t give off too much glare or places it too deep in shadow.

“Choosing the wrong lighting for your sales floor can also have your staff feeling tired, strained or even overheated, which is not conducive to sales.” adds Joy Menon.

2. Show off the Lace

Take a garment or two of the packaging and model them on a mannequin nearby the display if you don’t attach the included cut out. If you have any complimentary lingerie accessories, make sure to show those off on the mannequin as well.

New Packaging

Mapale Packages

The revamped display release coincides with Mapale’s new packaging reveal. Designed as gift boxes, the crisp and minimal white packaging shows off the style sold on one side and the brand’s logo in gold on the other. If customers don’t want to spoil the surprise inside, the box can be made more discreet thanks to the removable cover. Other new packaging features include easy-to-read and informative icons giving consumers an easy way to learn about the product inside.

The new reinforced cardboard boxes come in two sizes – small and large – to accommodate different styles. They are easily hung on the new displays or can sit on a shelf thanks to the boxes’ flat bottom.

Put together, all of these new Mapalé display and packaging updates are designed to help retailers show of their Mapalé options, attract more customers and boost sales.

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