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If you're working with a lot of applications on your computer, you probably feel overwhelmed sometimes and wish for a quick fix so that you can see what's happening in the background without having to switch every time.
Here's where TransWin steps into action: using this program you'll be able to make all the windows in your workspace become transparent by simply setting the opacity value.
Adjust window transparency
Tweaking your system is always fun, but might not always help you simplify your work or anything else besides making your workspace look cool or load a bunch of eye-catching animations.
TransWin, however, is here to help you adjust the transparency of windows on your workspace by simply dragging a transparency value slider left or right, depending on your needs.
Global and window-specific modes
The application provides you with two ways that you can adjust window transparency: you can either change this value for all the programs that are running on your computer by accessing the "Global" section, or you can manually set values for each program from the "Filters" category.
Adding an application to your "whitelist" can be done by navigating to it or activating the crosshairs mode and clicking on the desired window. After deciding on the target application, you can set its window's transparency level by either dragging the slider or manually inputting the value in the designated box.
Handy configuration menu
More so, if you feel like tinkering with its settings for a bit, you can navigate to the "Settings" section. Here you can disable the app's tray icon, set the program to run at startup, use a safe mode, enable a "super-transparency" mode, configure a hotkey and even set a password.
All in all, if you're in need of a program that can help you adjust your windows' transparency levels, you can rely on TransWin. It is easy to install, comes with a simplistic interface and its controls are highly intuitive.


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Easily adjust any window’s transparency with a mouse.

Features a “hotkey” mode where you can set a menu item to open the tool.

Add your desired window to the white list or filter them by application name.

Change, lock and save your windows’ transparency levels with ease.

Configure what key to use for every action on the program’s menu or settings.

Global and window specific modes.

A simple and powerful interface.

Works with the following window managers:
KDE: KWin, Compiz & Metacity
Gnome: Metacity
Xfce: Compiz
Easy to use and configure.
System tray support.
Configurable hotkey functionality.
Restore original windows settings when killed.
Configurable support for different window managers.
Media options.
Advanced options.
Create a simple graphical menu.
Large choice of skins.
Resizable windows.
Works as a very simple calculator.
Optionally start the program with a selection of window and desktop themes.
Language support: English and Russian.
Minimum System Requirements:
Windows OS
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista
– 2 GHz
– 512 MB
– 2 GHz
– 256 MB
Additional Notes:
Because this is such a wonderful program, please do leave us a 5 Star rating! Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Paint.NET is a Windows program for digital painters. Featuring an intuitive, automatic image-editing interface, Paint.NET helps you to quickly crop, rotate, colorize and resize images.
You can combine different images and texts to create impressive collages, send your creations to the web or create professional-quality graphics for printed material.
Additional features
Paint.NET has several additional features, which are also available in the download version:
* Crop, resize, rotate and colorize images.
* Multiple windows – just keep them open.
* Sharing options – send photos, drawings and documents to a server, host on your PC or to a web site.
* PDF files – easily convert your digital photos into perfect printouts.
* Save files as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX and TIFF.

TransWin Crack+ Free License Key PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

Make windows transparent.

It comes with a configuration menu.

Gives you the option to set global or local transparency for each window.

It’s easy to install.

How to install TransWin.

1. Download the zip archive from the download section and extract it in a folder on your PC.

2. Double-click on the “TransWinSetup.exe” file which you’ve extracted and follow the instructions that will appear after clicking the “Install” button.

3. The installation process should finish. After a brief reboot, you’ll be able to use TransWin on your computer.

Sharing TransWin.

TransWin is a registered trademark of Cooroo Inc. You can find the full distribution license information here.

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I use Easy Transparency. It’s in the repos as well as Amazon. I’ve used it at work before to help debug windows when running on various virtual machines. I was able to see the windows of other applications as well.

I’ve used TransWin and it’s decent. I’ve never had any issues with it. It makes it easy to adjust the opacity of all the windows in one place. I’ll never go back to having to open apps one by one and set their opacity after it’s already happened.

I use and recommend Magicapp. The best thing is that it’s free. It’s got a ton of features for tweaking your desktop. Open with Magicapp.

Lukas, I think the problem is that the developers of TransWin have removed some of the features of their product. I would not recommend using TransWin if you wish to use some of the features of Magicapp.

Magicapp is not free. It costs $8, or they have a pro package for $20. They seem to be adding features at a pretty good clip. It is what I use and recommend to anyone that asks.

I don’t understand why this thing is missing from Google Play store, it’s a must have. I am curious that why you didn’t

What’s New in the TransWin?

TransWin is a program that provides you with a neat tool to easily customize and adjust windows transparency levels. With the TransWin interface, you can simply set the transparency values of each application and window in your workspace. TransWin is available at lightweight, the company website.

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System requirements:

Android 2.1 and up
Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)

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