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This is a simple application to help the sys admin to send a html mail to the users. Any changes made by the sys admin in the html mail would reflect in a short time on the target system, but the target sys admin won’t be able to identify the mail. The mail will be sent from an email id. If you’re the target sys admin, you might want to check the source code.
-It can send mail from yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol, mobilenet, email ids.
-It can send mail to an account or a group of accounts. You may send mail to all users with format “email1 user1,user2,email2”. Or you may send to a group of users with format like “group1,group2,group3”.
-It should be simple to edit the mail template with wordpad.
-You can choose the “From” mail id too, if you want to and you don’t wanna use the “From: 000011-begginer-itsme@myasoft.com” id. You may also change the “From: ” field to any thing you want.
-It supports automatic reply. If you send a mail to a single account, the email id of the account will be automatically “reply to”. The html mail which will be sent will have a small automatic “reply to”.
-It supports CMDLINE. If you wanna have a command line mode, you may use it.
Release Notes:
This is a very simple application. I have written it in C#, it uses no external libraries. It is a standalone application. No need to install any kind of printer drivers. This is a very easy to use application. You may distribute it to any one who you think may need this application.
I am coding this application because i want to be able to send a mail from yahoo, hotmail to a list of users or to a single user. I can’t find any such application in the market. So i developed this myself, today. You may use this application on any XP, Windows 7 computer.
Application download link:

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Hibious Torrent Download is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to send a person an email that the person will be unable to identify who has sent the email! He

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Hibious is a funny and easy to use application that allows you to send a person an email that the person will be unable to identify who has sent the email! He/She will see random email id (which is chosen from google, yahoo, msn account lists.) in the ‘from’ coloum! And you can edit the ‘from’ coloum too! Just enter the desired email adress!
With Hibious, you can:
– Create an email with an altered from field – Use it as a prank – Make the receiver think someone else has sent it
– Change the text of the email – Use it to alert the recipient about something that would not have been obvious from the email
– Check if the message has been opened- Check if the message was stored in the recipient’s Sent Mail
– Customize your email to fit your agenda
– Check if the message was forwarded- Create an auto forward
– Check if the email has been deleted- Can delete emails from the’sent mail’ list
– Hide the email from the Sent Mail- Edit your email id
– Protect your inbox from the dreaded ‘random’ emails
This is a very simple application, especially for the student users! You can assign an email to a group of friends or a recipient directly from the email list itself, say, if you want to chat with your friends. Hibious is perfect for all types of jokesters, pranksters, or those having fun with the world.
Modify your email to fit your agenda –
Add a reason for the email and modify the message so it is always completely random.
Delete the email –
Delete the email from the list using the ‘delete’ button.
Hide the email –
Hide your email from the list using the ‘hide’ button.
Hide the email from the Sent Mail –
Hide your email from the Sent Mail using the’remove’ button.
Send a Forwarded Email –
Create an auto forward to Hibious at the new message.
Hide the original email –
Hide the original email from the list using the ‘hide’ button.
Set the From Account –
Set the From Account to the email id you want to use as your ‘from’ field.
Please contact me if you have any problems with the application. I will do my best to help!
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Hibious is simple and easy to use application that allows you to send a person an email that the person will be unable to identify who has sent the email! He/She will see random email id (which is chosen from google, yahoo, msn account lists.) in the ‘from’ coloum! And you can edit the ‘from’ coloum too! Just enter the desired email adress!

Read Here!Well, you may be thinking why you need to waste ur time at this? Well, it’s not waste, because an email address or name must be unique! You can change a person’s name, gender or the email id from where the person reads the email, all you need to do is just enter a name in the designated place!

Changing a person’s name was relatively simple task, but the difficulty was to change the email id! Especially that where you want to change the email id, it must be in the form of an email address!!!

And the task becomes even more difficult because there must be a batch processing or send script to be executed where you can change the email id! And no! There are no such script in free email id changer online!!! And now i really need to take an empty position for the best linux free email id changer software! Yes, Hibious is the best free email id changer application out there! I am sure if you just try out Hibious, you will know why!

It’s really simple to change an email address! Just log on to www.hibious.com. Then you will have to install the application. After installation, you can sign up for free!

And after you have signed up for a free account, you can log in into your account and change your mail id!

You can enter the name, gender, email id where the person can read the email and the most important is the sender name and the subject of the email.

You can change the sender name, the recipient name, the subject of the email and you can even change the email id if the person can read the email!

Hibious Features:

1. Simple GUI: The GUI of Hibious is very simple and easy to use. It’s only requires a little bit of effort to modify your changes in accounts!

2. Free Email Id Changer: Is the best Linux free email id changer software! Hibious is the right solution for all your

What’s New in the?

Hibious is a powerful and flexible software. With it you can give a random email ID to the person you want to include. Then that person will receive an email and will be unable to send back an email saying who has sent it! The idea is simple and very effective!

Want to send an email to a lot of people at once, but want to change the email address for each recipient?

With our powerful tracking features, you can easily and accurately track who read or responded to your email campaign. See the full feature list below.

Allows sending a large number of emails at once

Each recipient will see their own unique email address

Can track responses within a short time period

Email Address Mapping

Makes it easy to add a new email address (What was formerly a standard text box)

Automatically matches emails with recipient addresses

Doesn’t modify the text of emails to be sent

Can validate email addresses prior to sending emails


Email Address Tracking

Can track as many as 5 million emails for as many months as desired

Can view online reports that show exactly who opened your email and when.

Can set up and view email campaign progress with email tracking tags

Can send emails to 5000 or more people at once with ease

Email Address Validation

Allows you to create arbitrary email addresses that can be verified prior to sending emails

Can be used to generate emails from valid or invalid email addresses

Message Tracking

Tracks the number of times each email is opened, the number of recipients an email was sent to, and a message can be printed

Quick Start Guide

To start using Hibious to deliver your messages efficiently, we provide a free tutorial guide that can be viewed using the link below:

Free Tutorial (View Here –

One-Time Setup

To install Hibious, simply unzip the Hibious file into your hard drive and click on the Hibious icon. All the required libraries are automatically installed into your computer when the software is installed.


We update our software weekly, so you’ll always have the latest version installed on your system.

If you have any problems, contact us at support@def6design.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What’s new


System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Browser: Any
Minimum OS:
Windows XP SP3
Windows 7 SP1
Mac OS X 10.8.5
Minimum CPU:
Intel Core2 Duo (2.3GHz)
AMD Phenom II X3 720 (3.0GHz)
AMD Phenom II X4 945 (3.4GHz)
Minimum Memory:
Minimum Graphics:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 (1GB)
ATI Radeon HD


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