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Lg Flash Tool Crack Free Download

November 14, 2017. LG Flash Tool for the LG, KF, VX, G, F, D, A, C, RF, F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 And many other device. lg flash tool crack download freeNew version: lg flash tool for the LG, KF, VX, G, F, D, A, C, RF, F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 And many other device. | Blog Archive.Q:

Laravel Sum of column ‘products_price’ in table ‘products’

I’ve got a table called products.
I want to get the total products price with a simple SQL query. This is my SQL:
(SUM(products_price)) AS total

So what I want to do is to sum up all products_price from that table. I could use a loop in a controller to get the total amount but is there a way to do this without a loop in Laravel?


First of all you can use the selectSum in the database facade to count the total sum of a column:
$total = DB::table(‘products’)->selectSum(‘products_price’)->sum();

In Laravel you can use the sum() method of the Query Builder to do that:
$total = DB::table(‘products’)
->selectRaw(‘SUM(products_price) AS total’)

To get the total price from all products you can use a join:
$total = DB::table(‘products’)
->join(‘products_prices’, ‘products.products_id’, ‘=’, ‘products_prices.product_id’)
->selectRaw(‘SUM(products.products_price) AS total’)

And finally you can group them by product_id:
$total = DB::table(‘products’)
->join(‘products_prices’, ‘products.products_id’, ‘=’, ‘products_prices.product_id’)


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