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Are there any issues with using for-loops in PHP to process a single loop at a time?

I have a PHP script that runs through a MySQL table of data and then calculates an average (by day) for each column of data. The code is as follows:
= ‘$start’ AND timestamp 0) {
while ($data = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
$value[] = $data;
$average = (double)$value / $c;
$perDay = sprintf(“%.2f”, $average);
print(“Per Day: $perDay
} else {
print(“No data.

The code works perfectly when $data is of size one (or greater than one) – but I suspect there is some kind of limitation on PHP that I am unaware of. My question is, is there a problem in running it for more than one value at a time (in an array) or is it purely down to the script terminating before the process is complete?
Thanks in advance,


Most likely the server is shutting down, as

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