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While women always appreciate lingerie that is special, sexy, or glamorous, the reality is that for every day intimates what becomes prioritized are comfort and support. Dorina, the German lingerie company that celebrates a woman’s shape and their diverse lifestyle, has created the Pure Essentials collection composed of pretty bras for women to slip on daily. The compilation is composed of the company’s favorite and most successful styles, with different fits, cuts, and fabrics to keep variety within the collection. The bras are divided among four sections to further break down their intention and design.

Pure Line

The first group is the Pure Line styles, whose focus is on simple and minimal design. With neutral shades, light padding, clean cups, and simple straps, these are the bras that will disappear under clothes. The Michelle style bra is a lightly, padded demi that comes in three shades nude, white, and black. Besides the demi, there are wire-free, balconette, and plunging cuts to choose from.


Lace is a popular fabric for bras, so no surprise that Dorina has an entire grouping dedicated to the fabric within the Pure Essentials line. With flattering and feminine fits, the range of bras presents various ways that the fabric can be used on a bra. The Celine, for example, is a full-coverage cut with scalloped lace edges along the top of the cup, that will lie flat against the breast. There is also the Angie and Chloe, which is a full lace bra and the Claire that combines smooth microfiber with floral lace across cups and inserts. All these methods are meant to compliment every woman’s shape, whether they are an A or a DD.


In the Classics, there is Phillipa, a popular and beloved bra for its timeless. The comfort first, non-padded, style is made from a jacquard micro fabric and lace. There is a tailored sophistication to the Phillipa. Once tried, it becomes clear the reason why it is so beloved, it truly highlights a woman’s natural shape and curves. The rest of the Classic bras in this sub-group offer full coverage, minimization, molded cups, wide straps, and a variety of feminine options for a woman to choose what she needs to support her throughout her day.

Pure Function

Pure Function is the part of the group where all the more practical bras can be found. For new moms, the nursing bra May, is wire-free with lace trim on the bottom band. The soft cups hang a little bit lower, which makes nursing easier and more comfortable. Sports bras for a range of impact levels are also included. Whether a woman is a yogi or a runner, there is something that will keep her dry, supportive, and focused. The light padded post-surgery bra, Duffy, is made from beautiful lace and ECO materials, an important mission with the brand to be as sustainable as possible. The Duffy offers a healing woman a pretty alternative versus the more utilitarian options.

The line also includes swimwear with the same functionality, style range, Eco fibers, and fashionable aesthetic as the lingerie line. The Pure Essentials collection, in its entirely, keeps with the company’s inclusivity offering a broad range of sizing that helps women not only celebrate but, to love their curves. #LOVEYOURCURVES

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