Mapalé 2020 Vol II Lingerie Collection

“Mapalé’s new 2020 Vol II Lingerie collection is SHEER bliss as you go from page to page in the release of their newest catalog.”

Boasting close to 200 distinct styles, the Mapalé 2020 Vol II Lingerie Collection presents boutiques and lingerie fanatics everywhere a universe of intimate pieces sure to fit any mood or occasion.

“The pieces are everything you want when it comes to lingerie, sheer, vibrant, feisty, elegant and just oh so pretty.” says the company. “After stepping into the wild side with the VOL I 2020, we could only imagine what Mapalé had in store of us with VOL II 2020 and the wait was worth it.”

Mapale 2020 Vol 2 Gypsy Edito-2616

Fresh off the press with the ink barely dried, this new publication is hot and steamy. You’re welcomed with the SEDUCTIVE SHEERNESS assortment, it embodies complete sophistication with its delicate shimmery lace, dotted and striped mesh, effortless 2 & 3 pcs strappy designs with cut-out details and flattering teddies. You’ll be over the moon when you lay your eyes on these silhouettes.

Floral Allure

Mapale 2020 Vol 2 Floral Allure -8485-8485X
Fall into an ethereal, dream-like state with the FLORAL ALLURE. The watercolor floral ribbed, and mesh fabrics have been beautifully constructed into a romantic assemblage, that is paired with white intricate trims throughout each design. This selection makes you think of one word: pretty. It’s perfect for the nearing spring season.

Bridal Charm

From there, you’re gracefully led into the exquisite BRIDAL CHARM section. This is Mapalé’s newly expanded bridal variety that is quite classy. Perfect for any honeymoon paradise, these sexy garments combined with girly ruffles and eyelet patterns echo the spirit of love throughout each set or teddy.

Gipsy Festival Edition & Hippie Neon

Mapale 2020 Vol 2 Hippie Neon Edito-2621-2623
The GIPSY FESTIVAL EDITION and HIPPIE NEON ravewear, are brighter and striking as ever. You’ll be festival ready with any one of these choices. The boho looks include embroidered mesh bodysuits, sheer tops and fringe, while the neon’s in the rave designs are vivid and earthy with their handmade macramé and crochet options.

New Athleisure Options

Who knew athleisure could be so sexy? Only Mapalé could pull such a task off. All you need is a touch of shimmery ribbed fabrics, a splash of metal touches and clip buckles and voila! You have athleisure lingerie with SHIMMERY TEXTURE. Any sporty girl would sport any of these lingerie ensembles.

The Art of Seduction

Moving onto the daring and edgy compilation, THE ART OF SEDUCTION takes the Mapalé signature harnesses, wet look, strappy backs and garters and creates a dazzling and steamy capsule. The dotted mesh fabric is used as the fore front for the designs inspired. These products are ultra-sexy and fetishy with their barely-there concepts. Step into your spiciest heels, get glammed up to take on the night with the elegant dress variety offered this season. There is a style that suits any occasion whether you like it long, short, body- hugging or loose fitting. There’s something for everyone.

Lastly, you have newly added costumes to the FANTASY WEAR, that’ll bring out your animalistic side while still having the go-to’s still available. The catalog comes to an end with the bestselling MOST LOVED that has been expanded into plus size for some styles. The 2020 vol 2 lingerie catalog will be sent out at the end of March, and buyers anticipating the new pieces can expect shipping to start in March.

Established in 1999, Mapalé is a U.S.A.-based manufacturer and wholesale company headquartered in Miami. Known for its original and cutting-edge designs, Mapalé has quickly become a household name in the lingerie and resort and swim industry. Mapalé offers lingerie, resort and swim, and active and lounge products available for purchase worldwide.

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