Kaliopi Eleni Silk Dreams Hummingbird Collection

The Kaliopi Eleni Silk Dreams Hummingbird Collection is too gorgeous not to share. So we’re giving our readers a snapshot of this beautiful range with each image link to the brand’s website:

About Kaliopi Eleni

Kaliopi is a muse, named after the ninth and most powerful muse of ancient Greek mythology. World travelled in this life and others. Kaliopi’s art manifests her unique world view and encapsulates the extraordinary beauty life on planet earth has to offer. The mystery, adventure, elegance, intrigue, the sensual and exotic. Captured and brought to life in luxurious garments crafted from the world’s finest textiles.

Custom fitting, styling and exclusive commissions.
Kaliopi Eleni Collection offers a range of designer fashion services including custom fitting, styling, and private, custom, exclusive commissions.

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