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Can you imagine never having to worry about your period leaking through and causing an embarrassing stain? Or what about walking around confidently the days before your period begins without thinking about when it might show up? Thanks to New-York based GEMSLI, a family-owned and operated enterprise that can be your reality with their new range Peridot briefs. Designed to provide extra protection when used with traditional feminine hygiene products, Peridot gives women a fashionable and functional solution to combating potential period-related mishaps.

“In today’s modern world, there is no reason why a woman should feel limited by Mother Nature or embarrassed by it,” says GEMSLI’s Pearl Spitzer. “We created the Peridot to take the worry off your mind when it’s that time of the month – or any time you need the confidence of leak protection.”

Designed as a spin-off from their basic cotton undies, the GEMSLI Peridot range works in conjunction with all forms of disposable protective hygiene products to give women a second layer of protection and the extra confidence they need during their menstrual flow.

“We reinvented our basic cotton panty and added a leak-blocking layer with a special finishing technology that seals the fabric’s surface against moisture but leaves all the natural comforts of cotton intact,” says Pearl. “The ultra-thin leak-proof inner layer is sandwiched between two layers of super soft organic cotton, for a promising no leaks/no stains experience.”

Peridot Brings Joy to Wearer

Gemsli Introduces Peridot Range

You might be forgiven in thinking that the apt moniker “Peridot” originates from the product’s association with a woman’s monthly cycle. However, the brand’s usage of this name is connected to gemology, an appropriate link to the Little Gems group of brands to which GEMSLI belongs.

“We named this special panty after the vibrant peridot gem, known to imbue joy and good fortune,” says Pearl. “We believe that’s what you’ll find when you slip into a pair of our Peridots: No more evil leaks—just the joy of comfy, worry-free movement, day and night.”

Peridot Styles

Peridot briefs are currently offered in three dark hues – black, smoke and wine – with more colors anticipated soon. Styles include a brief, a hipster and a bikini in sizes 4 through 10 and targets all women – from teens to seniors and everyone in between.
“Our panty lovers around the world can now enjoy our signature cotton hug at every stage in life,” adds Pearl.

GEMSLI plans to roll out this range in boutiques worldwide at an accessible price point. Peridots will retail at approximately $12 per piece, an estimated three times less than other market leaders.

“GEMSLI enjoys bringing innovation to existing basic lingerie by adding flair and performance to make it extra special by targeting customers who appreciate high quality without the price tag,” Pearl says. “These cotton panties compare in price and comfort to the basic cotton panties you grew up on.”

And as she suggests, why limit such ingenious technology to just a few days on the calendar? The vision for Peridot is to make it a daily go-to product for any women and to be marketed accordingly by participating retailers.

“The Peridot is to be recognized as a basic wardrobe staple that will be enjoyed before and during the period,” Pearl says. “Being constructed of high-quality cotton, these undies will feel like her favorite briefs yet provide the peace of mind that she is fully protected, which is invaluable.”

Retailers stocking Peridot receive essential marketing material they can use in fitting rooms to educate women on the product and boost its significance.

“The beauty of Peridot is that nobody will ever notice the protection is there,” Pearl adds. “Peridot will be an essential part of a woman’s underwear drawer.”


Little Gems boasts an impressive portfolio of innovative products including the Gemsli non-cling stat-x slips and retro shapewear from Custom Maid brand.
Each product range pursues the enduring generational GEMSLI mission, which is, “to empower women around the world by producing quality intimates that are comfortable and pretty, conveying the message that every woman deserves to feel luxurious.”


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