Bloomin’ Sexy Knickers Are Top Pick for UK Brides

Summer is a popular time of year to get married for a reason. Flowers, sun, and warm temps can make for a beautiful wedding day. But if the heat really rises, the bride has to make sure they have some unpleasant body issues covered, like thigh chafing. Enter Bloomin’ Sexy, a UK-based brand that has created lingerie style shorts in sizes 12 to 30 to help with this uncomfortable problem. Most recently they launched a line aimed just for brides.

The brand was created by Carol Westwood and Jill Mudge with the purpose to be lingerie not just anti-chafe garments. And they’re not shapewear either—Carol explains they are mean to hug the body, not squeeze it. These perfect fit knickers also feature Italian stretch satin panels at the thigh that are unique among anti-chafe pieces, which makes the pieces soft and smooth.

Bloomin' Sexy Knickers Are Top Pick for UK Brides

The new line of white shorts with lace touches are now available online and in bridal boutiques. In order to get an insider look at how women are reacting to these new shorts, we spoke to three bridal shop owners based across England, who have received frank and candid feedback from brides.

Bloomin' Sexy Knickers Are Top Pick for UK Brides

“We love having Bloomin’ Sexy in our shop, and our brides-to-be share our adoration,” says owner Kelly. “From our first meeting, it was clear that Carol and Jill have done so much research on how to stop the dreaded thigh rub and at the same time making the product look sexy. The passion that they put into the product shows.”

She expressed the distinction that these are not support-knickers or shapewear so thankfully aren’t restrictive. “Brides respond not only to the lightweight, feels-like-air quality but the unique designs that use soft stretchy tulle and luxurious Italian satin that compliments their curves instead of altering them. They leave knowing they will be 100 percent protected from the dreaded thigh chafe.”

The Bridal Boutique located on the Channel Island of Jersey

Bloomin' Sexy Knickers Are Top Pick for UK Brides

“I can hear them react to the look and feel of the quality of the products while I am in the dressing room dressing the bride!” -Caroline, owner of The Bridal Boutique

“I have had brides that were size 30 and the chub rub, which they affectionately call the thigh-grazing, can be pretty painful and irritating,” says the shop owner Caroline. “I just had a bride in over the weekend whose daughter put her hands between the mum’s legs and said ‘Wow that is so silky, you won’t get any chub rub with those!’ What draws brides to the knickers are how very feminine and sexy looking they are versus a pair of hot lycra cycling shorts or long cotton pants that just don’t do the job for any longevity. These knickers are for sure the way forward to stop getting rubbing sores and bruising.”

Caroline loves having such a dedicated plus-size brand such as Bloomin’ Sexy in her store and remarked that the bride’s entourage usually leaves the store with a pair as well. “I can hear them react to the look and feel of the quality of the products while I am in the dressing room dressing the bride!”

Bloomin' Sexy Knickers Are Top Pick for UK Brides

Owner Amanda Dowell shared that her brides are always surprised at how soft the fabrics are and how sexy they look. She has heard that significant others also find them sexy, something you rarely hear with shapewear. Amanda also commented that it makes plus size women feel special beyond their big day as well. “Although they come in to get a pair for their wedding, they often take them on their honeymoon as well. They are excited that they’ll be able to wear pretty dresses like their friends.”

As Caroline mentioned, other women involved in weddings have also become fans. Wedding singer, Louise Vrerony, recently contact the brand to express her love for the product. “I am a singer in Cyprus and suffered terribly in the heat. It was always painful to walk the next day, due to ‘chub rub.’ I wore my new knickers last night for the first time – so comfortable and light, and no painful chafing. You have revolutionized my life! Thank you!”

We have a feeling this will not be the last piece of fan mail they will receive.

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