The Craftory Invests in High-Performance, Period-Proof Underwear Brand Ruby Love

It’s about time we talk about Period-Proof underwear: size-inclusive, no worries undies that actually liberate us from messy periods and leaky incontinence to be exact. Meet The Craftory’s latest investment, Ruby Love and the rebel entrepreneur behind it, Crystal Etienne.

The Craftory has invested a total of $15M in Ruby Love, with an initial Series A funding of $8M. The Company will use the capital to help fund expansion, product development and brand-related campaigns. The Craftory is the sole investor in this round and will acquire a meaningful stake in the business.

The Cause

The Craftory Invests in High-Performance, Period-Proof Underwear brand Ruby Love

Crystal is a mom from Queens who was fed up with the lack of any game-changing innovation in Femcare and the impact was having on her family. The taboo around menstrual blood continues to encroach on how women feel about their own blood and the options that are available.

Enter: Ruby Love, a brand focused on comfort, flexibility and certainty, which are things we’ve been lacking in the Femcare sector for decades. “I founded this brand in the hope that period pangs be consigned to history and am excited to continue the growth of the company with the help of the team at The Craftory,” says Crystal. “Their philosophy is aligned with my vision; to deliver confidence to women, whatever time of the month.”

The Brand

The Craftory Invests in High-Performance, Period-Proof Underwear brand Ruby Love

Ruby Love makes underwear and swimwear with a unique no-leak gusset design that can be worn alone or in combination with other Femcare products. The gusset is so effective it even works in the pool.

These products are designed by women, for women: There’s a wide range of silhouettes and sizes (XS – 3XL), they’re made with organic cotton, and are free from plastic and polyurethane laminate. The result is comfortable, safe, period-proof underwear and swimwear, ethically made at a fair price.

The brand’s philosophy extends to sustainability too: Reusable period-proof underwear offers a more environmentally friendly way for women to manage their menstrual cycles vs. traditional single-use products. Did you know that over 45 billion products related to periods, including tampons, pads and applicators, are thrown in the garbage every year? What’s more, up to 90 percent of the materials in sanitary pads are not recyclable.

The Craftory Invests in High-Performance, Period-Proof Underwear brand Ruby Love

“A technological breakthrough in this space was long overdue and brands like Ruby Love, led by inspiring entrepreneurs like Crystal, are essential for the development of a more open, progressive society,” adds Olivia Cramer, Deal Crafter at The Craftory.

About The Craftory

Based in London and San Francisco, The Craftory is a $300M global investment fund focused exclusively on amplifying the world’s boldest consumer brands.

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