Q&A with Lady M Lingerie’s Magali Croom

“Women love lingerie. It can transform you. Make you feel sexy and powerful.” —Magali Croom

Feeling flirty? Fancy? Provocative and daring? Whatever mood you’re in, curve-friendly retailer Lady M Lingerie aims to have a style to suit it. And one that fits too, thanks to a focus on items that can be adjusted.

Based in the US, the brand was founded by Magali Croom and is run between her and her daughter, Tyrena Simms. I spoke to Magali about how she got started in the business, what goes into selecting products, and why comfort is just as important as style.

Q&A with Lady M Lingerie’s Magali Croom

Can you tell our readers a little bit about how Lady M Lingerie got launched?

What people probably don’t know is that I started Lady M Lingerie over 6 years ago. But I was young and I had a lot to learn about the industry. It got to the point where I just shut it down. In the back of my mind I knew that I had to go back to the drawing board. So I did my homework, relaunched in July 2018, and am still doing my homework. There is always something to learn!

Why lingerie? And what inspired you to start your own store?

What inspired me was overhearing women’s conversations on the subject of being sexy. Listening to my friends talk about their body shape, their age, wearing lingerie and how it made them feel.

Women love lingerie. It can transform you. Make you feel sexy and powerful. We all know this. But come night, women usually take it off and put on something ‘comfortable’.

Women really want sexy and comfortable lingerie. Something they walk around in and go to sleep in. I started Lady M Lingerie because I want to give women that option.

Q&A with Lady M Lingerie’s Magali Croom

Tell me more about the type of customer you’re trying to reach.

My target audience is mainly plus size, curvy women. When I first started Lady M Lingerie it was only for plus size women, and the majority of lingerie that I sell is still plus size. I started selling regular sizes just recently. My friends and family asked me for them – I figured, why limit myself?

I love the Ada bodysuit and Night Glow set! What’s your full list of criteria for choosing what to stock?

Picking which products I want to sell isn’t easy. For example, color. Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing and said: “I like it but I wish it was in a different color”? I will look at all the colors that are available and pick only the best ones.

The kind of support the piece gives also comes into play. Some women want chest support, others want tummy control. I also think about what areas a woman may want to show off. Let’s be real, most women like certain parts of their body better than other parts. I give my customers that choice.

Q&A with Lady M Lingerie’s Magali Croom

Have any items stood out as bestsellers? What about general trends?

The Tyrena teddy is a bestseller, in white. A lot of my customers really love it. Also the Paris basque and Silky Blue robe. It seems that more and more women are not playing it safe by wearing black!

And to finish, if you had to pick three Lady M Lingerie pieces for yourself for the summer ahead, which would they be?

Tyrena, Affair and Wink. Wink is great for women who are smaller busted. And the open back would definitely catch attention. Affair to me is more conservative, but still has a hint of sexy. This is lingerie I can wear all day, like a nice summer dress.

Now Tyrena that I mentioned, some of my friends have ordered this and I got great feedback. The lace design gives it a sexy, smooth touch, and I like the fact that it has an adjustable back and shoulder straps for comfort.

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