Spotlight on CURVE’s Kirsten Griffin

Axami at CURVENEWYORK July 2018. Photos by John Brown, JSG Photography.

Armed with experience at start-ups, brand launches, merchandising and insights from working with Amazon’s Fashion Accelerator program, CURVE’s new Visitor Promotion Director, Kirsten Griffin, is poised to help brands and exhibitors have their best shows ever.

We caught up with Kirsten to learn more about her role at CURVE, her experience and what visitors to the shows can expect this summer in this new, candid interview:

Kirsten, you’ve been with CURVE since April of this year. Can you tell our readers your title and what you do at the show?

I’m the Visitor Promotion Director. I work with both the buyers and brands to insure they have a positive trade show experience

How did you hear about the opportunity and CURVE and what drew you to the show?

I meet Raphael Camp a year ago and we stayed in touch. Previously I had participated at CURVE on the exhibitor side so I was already familiar with the show. I was attracted to the opportunity presented – CURVE is a true leader in the lingerie industry and I admire that they are forward thinkers!

Avery Rose Lingerie at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown

Above: Avery Rose Lingerie.

What’s it like working with the CURVE team?

It’s always interesting! We have a global perspective in our New York City office with a mix of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. At any time you will hear multiple languages spoken, although French is most popular.

Could you talk about how your previous work background enhances what you do at CURVE?

My career has been predominantly on the branded side. I have enjoyed working with both start up companies to help launch their brands and existing brands looking to redefine where they fit in the marketplace and increase their profitability. Additionally, I have years of merchandising experience, so I understand how to put collections together and identify what the buyers need in their stores. This benefits the CURVE show as I am able to assist both the buyers and exhibitors in optimizing their time spent at the Curve show.

Parfait model with buyer at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown

Above: Parfait Lingerie.

We’re especially interested in hearing about some of the work you did at Amazon.

I worked on the Essentialist brand which is part of Amazon’s Fashion Accelerator program. This is their private label exclusive brand program. The design, merchandising, and marketing is all data driven and based on SEO. This was very different approach to creating a collection from how I worked in the past. We would still follow the fashion trends, however for the most part the designs of the Essentialist collection were based on what the consumer wants.

Panel Discussion at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown

Above: Panel discussion at CURVENEWYORK.

We had a conversation last week about the show’s desire enhance the visitor experience. There were three things CURVE is aiming to do – inspire, educate and illuminate.

Yes, these are my three main goals for the upcoming shows! We want to :

Inspire – Our trend lounge will give buyers direction on what’s new and noteworthy

Educate – We have quite a few panels and discussions planned. Our key note opening speaker is a “not be be missed” seminar on inventory management, increasing sales, and improving gross margin. We also offer multiple Fit seminars, a discussion on Inclusivity in Marketing, and a Workshop on Retail factors effecting Customer Loyalty.

Illuminate – we love to discover new and talented young designers so I’m especially excited about our Lifestyle area.

Maison Close booth at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown.

Above: Maison Close Lingerie.

“We are launching a new magazine for visitors with the most beautiful imagery!!”

What’s the one thing in the lingerie world that’s been a surprise to you?

The innerwear as outerwear trend continues to keep growing!!!

What are some events you’re looking forward to sharing with visitors this summer?

We are launching a new magazine for visitors with the most beautiful imagery!! I love Instagram, however there is something really nice about holding a gorgeous magazine in your hands and flipping through the pages… admiring gorgeous photographs…being inspired by stories and leaders in the industry…

Curvy Couture Lirisse Cross at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown

Are there any brands you think our readers should put on their radar? If so, why?

There are soooo many, however a few of the standouts this season are:

ELLIPSE – We all work very hard and need our down time. The new Relax at Home collection has a special fabric that actually helps your muscles relax!

LARISSA KATE – We are a fan of sustainability and Larissa Kate is produced right here in New York City. Their pastel range of silks is so lux and pretty!

Ellipse Lingerie

SIMONE PERELE – We really like their new sportline – its high performance with chic details of gold thread, mesh, and lace.

STUDIO PIA – Its ethically crafted organic silks with incredibly beautiful laces. As art lovers, we admire that the designs take references from the worlds of fine art and couture.

COSABELLA – Body positivity and inclusivity is something we feel strongly about. Their new Soire Confidence collection offers inclusive skin tones. Additionally, Cosabella has increased their size ranges in their Curvy collection.

CURVE Vegas photo by Charles Roussel

Above: CURVE Vegas photo by Charles Roussel.

If there’s only one thing you could say to someone to convince them to attend or exhibit at CURVE, what would that be?

For Visitors: CURVE is one stop shopping, whereby you can see existing vendors and discover new unknown ones. Plus enjoy activitations to get beautified and learn something new !

For Exhibitors: CURVE is the hub of industry! You can meet new buyers, network, and see trends first hand.

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