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Golfing, swimming, rock wall climbing, roller skating, zip lining, and a marathon…any one of these activities would put stress on the most engineered and structured activewear pieces.

Now imagine trying to do them with thigh highs on!

Kix’ies founder Samantha DeMartini did as part of the Kix’ies challenge to prove her brand of thigh highs always stay up thanks to their unique no-slip grip band at the tops.

Still not convinced? Samantha thought skeptics might be so she added an extreme sport to the challenge – skydiving.

And it’s not just Samantha and her team taking the challenge. Kix’ies fans and customers like @hale1wa also took to the skies to show how well Kix’ies stay up.

“You’re probably imagining the videos had to be the result of some smooth trick of the camera or just a sales gimmick of some sort. We can promise you that everything you just saw was real!” said Samantha. “We challenge YOU to put our Kix’ies to the test!”

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About Kix’ies

No one likes how regular tights put the squeeze on you! And who doesn’t breathe a huge sigh of relief when they’re peeled off after a long day?

Enter Kix’ies … Our no-slip grip keeps them in place without the uncomfortable high waisted band squeezing at your belly all day! We have four sizes to choose from and size by thigh circumference to get the perfect fit. We are the only company who asks you to measure your thigh circumference because we all carry our weight differently; be it in the tush, tummy or thighs – which have no bearing on finding the perfect Kix’ies® fit!

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