Curvy Couture Brand Ambassador Liris Crosse Tells All

Curvy Couture brand ambassador and plus-size model Liris Crosse is on a mission to empower women. This superstar has a laundry list of accolades in the fashion industry but is perhaps best known for winning the model’s competition in season 16 of Project Runway. Now Liris is using her star power to reach a greater audience with her message of self-belief.

In her book, Make the World Your Runway, Liris details her top-model secrets for everyday confidence and success. She applies the lessons learned on the runway to everyday life to help readers find confidence and success.

Curvy Couture Liris Crosse

Liris’s partnership with Curvy Couture began back in late 2017 when the model sought out the brand at CURVEXPO. “I remember, she walked to our booth the very last day and asked to try on some bras because she was our sample size,” says Summer Beltran, social media manager for Curvy Couture. “I took photos on my phone to show the team and literally, the rest was history!”

Now, Liris is spilling her secrets—from why she decided to write this book in the first place to what she looks for when lingerie shopping. Read on for a glimpse behind the scenes of Make the World Your Runway.

Curvy Couture Liris Crosse

Why did you write your book and what do you hope women learn from it?

When I was on Project Runway, the fans as well as aspiring models, loved my confidence and my modeling work that I felt it would be a great idea to write a book that connected the two worlds but for a bigger purpose. They inspired me to write it. It’s like modeling meets life-coaching because it’s model tips for everyday confidence and success. There are things that models use in their everyday lives and on the runway—from posture to poise under pressure to standing in your power to positivity and so much more. I expounded upon them so everyone could use them on the runway of life. I hope people take away increased confidence, deepened purpose, a new mindset, and excitement for what’s to come.

Can you share some advice about embracing body positivity and how women get started with a new way of thinking?

Well, first you must realize that everything starts in the mind. You can believe and speak positivity or negativity—the choice is YOURS. I choose positivity in all areas. I actually take the focus off my body and put it on me as an overall person. I fluctuate like most women. I accepted that I am an amazing person inside and out. My weight doesn’t dictate my character, my heart, my intelligence or my beauty. I remind myself of that if I start to get in my head. I am more than a number on a scale. Remember that everything starts with your mind—change your mind, change your life! Remember God doesn’t make any junk cause you are wonderfully made by Him and abandon the thought that everyone needs to be the same size or shape—that’s a lie. Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same!

Curvy Couture Liris Crosse

What do you look for in your favorite lingerie?

Well, your favorite lingerie is usually what you wear the most. I look for great colors, good fit, durability and how seamless it goes on under clothing since I wear a lot of body-conscious styles.

Tell us about a favorite moment in your career.

There are too many to name, which is a blessing. As far as lately, I would say the work I have been doing with Curvy Couture and bridal retailer Maggie Sottero. It’s been amazing to receive comments from women of color about the fact that I’m representing in the lingerie and bridal worlds since we are hardly represented there. To know that I’m breaking barriers there feeds my soul.

Curvy Couture Liris Crosse

If you love what you read here, order a copy of Liris’s book today for more!

Photos by Andrew Thomas Clifton

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