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“‘Transfigure’ is to ‘elevate an appearance into something more beautiful’ and is the name of the first Posie collection debuting for AW19.” – Posie Upshall.

With a wing span the length of human hand, the Atlas Moth is a visually striking creature that demands your attention. It’s furry, fern-like antennae are mesmerizing drawing your gaze towards the moth’s bold coloring and broad wings painted with map-like designs. And if you follow the markings toward the forewing’s tip, you’ll recognize a snake head in profile. No wonder lingerie designer Posie Upshall picked the Atlas Moth as her muse for Posie Lingerie’s debut collection, Transfigure.

Atlas Moth

Atlas Moth photo By Alias 0591 from the Netherlands – Attacus atlas, CC BY 2.0, Link

“The collection contrasts delicate and bold elements emulating the delicacy of the moth’s wings with the strength that they symbolize,” said Posie. “This is represented by the fabrics used throughout the collection. Delicate tulle and soft cotton velvets sit alongside gold embossed clasps and contrast strap detailing which complement and frame the body.”

Ethically Made Lingerie

Metamorphosis Wired Plunge and High waisted Knicker
Transfigure rolls out this month with three ranges – Attacus, Noctuidae and Metamorphosis. Posie says that every Posie Lingerie collection, including Transfigure, is manufactured in the brand’s factory in Leicester, England.

“Ethical manufacturing is a key element to the Posie ethos. It means we know that no one is being treated unfairly and that they are being paid appropriately,” explained Posie. “The idea of Posie is to create lingerie designed for longevity, in a time where everything is moving so fast, we slow down and treasure pieces that are designed to be trendless and hope our pieces can move fluidly throughout seasons.”

the Posie Lingerie Transfigure Collection


Attacus Soft Cup
Attacus uses organic cotton and sheer tulle luxuriously embellished in embroidered wing motifs, designed in house.


Noctuidae Wired Bra Set
Noctuidae is a chic black range, using embroidered tulle and strapping to create a strong, dark ethereal mood. It is named after another species of lepidopteran, the Owlet Moth.


Metamorphosis Wired Triangle

In this range the eco conscious designer explores past the realms of harmful printing inks and dyes. Lasers etch a bespoke print onto jade colored cotton velvet, making it the first lingerie brand to use this type of technology in their garments.

Learn more about Posie Lingerie

Just like the Atlas Moth, these new pieces invite you to explore every detail and texture. It’s a gorgeous debut for this new lingerie brand and we’re looking forward to seeing more from Posie Lingerie. The new collection is available for pre-order at www.posielingerie.com.


Contact: posie@posielingerie.com

Posie Lingerie Transfigure Collection Gallery

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