Honey Birdette Red Alert Campaign Launched

“Our bodies are not up for discussion, how ‘appropriate’ our breasts are for display in lingerie advertising. Nor does lace underwear consent rape.” – Eloise Monaghan.

With women’s rights under attack around the world, Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan is taking a stand with the launch of her brand’s latest campaign, Red Alert. Featuring censorship banners across the front of every image, it responds to recent claims that the Australian and Victorian Government are giving in to the radical views of conservative Christian group, Collective Shout.

The group, who have been targeting Honey Birdette for the past ten years are known to engineer outrage in order push a repressive agenda, which calls for a much stricter and far reaching censorship regime in the media landscape.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette Founder, Eloise Monaghan said the anti-abortion, conservative group had successfully captured the attention of the Australian Government in order to have them enforce repressive censorship focused solely on women’s bodies, which would limit lingerie advertising in all public spaces.

“They are attempting to change the definition of what is acceptable in lingerie advertising to include almost any image, implying that it could be interpreted as sexual and therefore causes violence against women. The reality is that the campaign lead by Melissa Tankard is dangerous to women and society. She is a real-life version of the Handmaid’s Tale.”

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“I certainly won’t let conservative fringe groups, (male politicians and female hating woman) blame women’s bodies for domestic violence and we are gearing up to create a movement with contemporary women and men around the world. If Collective Shout think they have a voice, mine will be a viral speaker phone to every person out there. I have avoided this action, but they are now threatening what we stand for.”

Ms. Monaghan said the brand decided to launch a campaign to highlight the discrimination that women’s bodies face for being exactly what they are, women.

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Honey Birdette

“Our bodies are not up for discussion, how “appropriate” our breasts are for display in lingerie advertising. Nor does lace underwear consent rape.”

If you feel that women in lingerie should not be censored, nor be linked to consent, then please sign the petition on our website and spread the word by sharing it with your network: https://honeybirdette.com/pages/not-asking-for-it

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About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a luxury lingerie and lifestyle brand led by Founder and Managing Director Eloise Monaghan. The first boutique opened in 2006 with a unique offering of high-end lingerie and premium bedroom accessories.

Bold, innovative and just a tad naughtier than you would expect, Honey Birdette quickly became the most talked about lingerie brand in Australia. Honey Birdette has grown from one humble boutique in Brisbane to fifty-seven stores across Australia, three hundred and fifty employees and a highly engaged and devoted customer base.

In September 2016 Honey Birdette opened their first international boutique located in Covent Garden, London and now have three boutiques in the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette opened their first USA boutique at Westfield Century City in late 2018 and their second at Westfield UTC in June 2019.

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