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“Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire.”

Fire, electricity, glass, and gas come clashing and vibrating together to create the beautiful glow of neon. Sharp reds, powdery blues and humming greens buzz with excitement which is why Lí Lingerie founder and designer Sarah Uwaoma harnesses neon’s allure and pours it into her brand’s debut collection – VIVACE.

The VIVACE collection (meaning vibrant), aims to encapsulate current neon trends while promoting the belief that vibrant and slinky lingerie should be inclusive of curvy women says the designer.

Introducing Vivace

Li Lingerie Eliza Bralette

“Lí lingerie’s ambition is to target women with breast cups D+ and women who are curvier or bigger than those currently represented in present lingerie brands,” said Sarah. “Plus-size fashion has until now, been excluded from the luxury world or when it is encompassed the design and finish of items lacks sophistication, exclusivity and the ability to empower the women who wear it.”

Li Lingerie Alessia Bodysuit

“The core value of Lí lingerie is body positivity; women should feel confident regardless of what they wear but especially when it comes to wearing luxury lingerie.”

VIVACE launched this month with the Eliza Bralette and two bodysuit styles – Alessia and Noir. The Eliza is crafted from elastane lace that offers a clean organized finish and is also comfortable.

Bodysuit Love

Li Lingerie Alessia Bodysuit

The Alessia playsuit is a decorative thong bodysuit made in style of a corset. Lace covers the breast and upper bottom area to offer a detail opportunity to embrace larger areas of the body.

Vivace Available Now

Li Lingerie Noir Bodysuit

The Noir bodysuit is a beautifully designed body is hinged with an internal corset that structures the body and smoothens shape. Two adjustable straps with mesh body centering the torso, nylon on the waist, crystals covering the front and back of the bodysuit.

All styles are available on the brand’s website, https://lilingerie.com/. Sarah has a few events planned this year to meet customers and raise brand awareness.

Learn more about Lí Lingerie

Contact: info@lilingerie.com
Website: https://lilingerie.com/

Lí Lingerie VIVACE Collection Gallery

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