Les Culottes Les Voyageurs Collection

“[Les Culottes] is dedicated to the women of the now: modern day nomads with a lust for life, who constantly seek new adventures while being surrounded by style and comfort.” – Alice Marzano.

The mountain tops of the Sierra Nevada in Spain, Moroccan deserts, an undulating Mediterranean sea, and the Italian Alps. To Alice Marzano, these are more than just must-see sights or scenic postcards, they are sacred places that changed her life, her family’s and inspired a lingerie collection – Les Culottes.

Les Voyageurs Columbus

Above: the Columbus Culotte.

It was in Imsouane, Morocco, a tiny fisherman’s village (and one of many stops during a year-long family road trip), where the idea for a new lingerie brand struck Alice.

“I was in the water looking at the horizon, at the sunset. That’s when I made the decision to create Les Culottes,” she said. “I came to the conclusion that the underwear I was on the look out for didn’t exist. So I decided I should create it.”

A Vision for Les Culottes

Her requirements? Pieces needed to be extremely comfortable, sustainable, didn’t make you itch or sweat, and stayed in place.

“Underwear that is soft as silk, smooth, light and airy. But most importantly, basic pieces that still look feminine,” added Alice. “I thought it should be the designs to bring shape to these comfy undies. Colorful geometrical patterns that define feminine contours and bring playfulness to match with outfits!”

Voyageurs rocket

Above: the Rocket Culotte.

To make this happen, Alice partnered with designer and illustrator Laura Hersée to create the designs and sourced high-quality Lenzing Modal®, a fiber extracted from sustainable beech trees, that is durable, soft and breathable. Putting it all together is a family-owned firm in Italy that cuts, sews and prints each piece by hand.

“The family business I produce with in Italy makes their own unique Modal fabric for us. It’s 98% pure Lenzing fiber and 2% elastane which allows Les Culottes to melt in your hand,” said Alice. “It’s not only great in touch and feel, but it’s also better for the environment when compared to cotton.”

the Voyagers

Voyageurs Car

Above: the Car Culotte.

The first collection of Les Culottes is truly based on the journey. In the end, it’s all about the freedom of movement. – Alice Marzano.

Her brand’s first collection, Les Voyageurs (meaning travelers in French), is inspired by the landscapes she and her family experienced during their road trip spanning Europe and Morocco.

“The countless sunsets over the oceans, overwhelming mountain views, star constellations and the hundreds of roads travelled. Mesmerizing Landscapes we all can lose ourselves in…” said Alice.

Les Culottes Les Voyageurs aereo

Above: the Aereo Culotte.

Les Voyageurs is made up of four debut styles: Car, Aero, Rocket, and Columbus each with its own signature print. The prints are vibrant and energetic with lines, angles, and colors melding, intersecting into mountain peaks, wisps of cold air, waves, rays of sunshine, palm fronds, and open roads.

The briefs’ design emphasizes a beautiful contour that accentuates and elevates while vertical lines along the sides give the illusion of longer legs. Alice hopes her customers will match Les Culottes with their moods and outfits to bring joy to their day.

“I wear Rocket when I need to fire up my day, with its bright red color and I wear Le Meridien [from the Originals collection] when I need to stay within my own flow,” said Alice. “Columbus with the sun rise is my light, happy all day through. Car, I love those purple, orange an lilac colors I can where every day and the Gold collection I mostly wear when I feel I need to feel grounded.”

Other Culottes collections include Originals and Gold along with a camisole collection in black and white with the brand’s logo in gold.

Les Culottes in Motion

To help raise awareness of Les Culottes and it’s collections, Alice recently released a new video that showcases several Les Voyageurs, Originals and Le Noir style from her Gold Collection and ends with the statement, Women of the Now.

“I hope viewers can identify and feel that common strength us women share together, as that 49.6% of the people in the world,” explained Alice. “To me the woman of the now is a modern day nomad with a lust for life, who constantly seeks new adventures while being surrounded by style and comfort.”

Learn more about Les Culottes

Contact: Alice Marzano
Email: hello@lesculottesintimates.com
Website: https://www.lesculottesintimates.com/

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