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Trouser-like undergarments dubbed as bloomers first disrupted the fashion status quo around two centuries ago. Worn from waist to knee, they afforded women greater freedom of movement and were seen as more practical and comfortable than layers of petticoats. Eventually, they were undercut by skimpier designs as fashion needs continued to change.

However, it is that ideal of comfort and function that has inspired UK-lingerie brand Bloomin’ Sexy to reinvent the bloomer as a useful but elegant everyday essential especially for the contemporary woman who suffers from the pain caused by inner thigh chafing.

Created from luxury fabrics including soft tulle and European lace, Bloomin’ Sexy bloomers feature inner thigh satin panels fitted to eliminate thigh rub and promote all day comfort on bare legged days when dresses or skirts are preferred.

On-trend design and a size range from standard to plus size make Bloomin’ Sexy ideal for a wide cross-section of women. Here is what a few the brand’s customers had to say about how these beautiful, bloomer-inspired shorts have improved their lives.

Bloomin Sexy Classic Black

Justine Holmes

“The design just ticks every box.”

Business owner, Justine Holmes, from Devon, UK, was first smitten by Bloomin’ Sexy when she saw the brand on display at a wedding fair back in 2016. She is now in love with the brand’s Classic style.

“The design just ticks every box,” she says. “It is super sexy—my fiancé loves me in them, especially if he sees a peek of the faux suspenders when I’m wearing a dress or skirt. [They’re] cool, comfortable and I don’t have to wear shorts under my dresses like I used to. They’ve completely sorted any chafing issues with the satin inner thigh panels. My legs just glide over them! Anyone that has had chafing problems before will appreciate that comment! They wash and wear well too and show no sign of deterioration and I wear these a LOT!”

Vicky Dunn

“They are so comfy but also sexy.”

Vicky, a student midwife from Teignmouth in southwest England, learned of the brand from a friend through social media over a year ago. She appreciates the look and feel of the Classic style shorts.

“They are so comfy but also sexy,” she says. “I’ve previously worn other brands but they are very functional looking. Bloomin’ Sexy shorts make me feel more feminine and I don’t mind at all if I flash a bit of them, whereas the other shorts I’d hide! The expensive fabrics really feel lovely and also keep me cool.”

Sue Seaman

“I now wear dresses and skirts like I’ve not been able to for years.”

Retired nursery nurse, Sue Seaman of Kingsteignton, UK, is sweet on the brand’s Romance shorts, as they make her feel “comfy and cool”. Sue now feels free to revisit some of the fashion that she was forced to avoid due to chafing.

“[Bloomin’ Sexy shorts] enabled me to wear a dress for my daughter’s wedding instead of trousers and I now wear dresses and skirts like I’ve not been able to for years,” she says. “All I can say is that Bloomin’ Sexy shorts are brilliant, very helpful and they are just so easy to wear. I would recommend the shorts to anyone who wants to wear dresses especially in the summer.”

Katy Baxter

Katy Baxter
Insurance consultant, Katy Baxter, hails from Dorset county in southwest England. She discovered Bloomin’ Sexy underwear back in 2017 while shopping for her wedding dress at a boutique called Brides With Curves.

“Kelly, the woman that owns Brides with Curves, showed me a few samples [of Bloomin’ Sexy], which I was really impressed with, and recommended that I contact them directly,” she says. “I bought the Vintage and Carolyn, from Bloomin’ Sexy, arranged to add a bow that matched the pink from my flower girls dresses. I found the bloomers were incredibly comfortable and during my wedding day I didn’t notice I was wearing them. They are also very hard wearing and have lasted which was exactly what I was looking for. The service is exceptional and very personal. I fully support small local businesses. I’ve since bought the classic and I will buy more in the future.”

You can view Katy’s full review of Bloomin’ Sexy here.

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