Fleur of England Easter Campaign 2019

Fleur of England launched their new Easter promotion sending customers on a digital egg hunt for five hidden painted eggs on the brand’s website. The payoff? 30% off everything including new collections and many Fleur of England items that have never been discounted before.

Each egg contains a letter which, when put together, spell out a code word. Find all five letters to get 30% off everything!

The Fleur of England Easter Campaign 2019 rules are simple:
  • Find the letters hidden across the Fleur of England website.
  • Arrange the letters to make a five letter promotional code.
  • Enter this code at the checkout to receive 30% off your order.

Link: https://www.fleurofengland.com/blog/2019/04/play-our-annual-easter-game-for-30-off/

“With Spring well and truly underway, this is a great time for a lingerie restock, and with 30% off our SS19 collections, customers can indulge in an Easter treat.” said the brand.

Fleur of England Easter Campaign 2019 Contest T&Cs

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