Foxy Lingerie Makes Intimates Shopping Easy

“Fun and flirty, Foxy has the potential to really stand on its own.” -Bill Rowell

What does a software engineer do when seeking a new challenge? If you’re Bill Rowell, you launch an online lingerie company. Established in 2012, Rowell’s company, Foxy Lingerie, offers a sexy, teasing product selection in an attractive mise en scene, with easy navigation from the first click to order fulfillment. “Lingerie is one of those things that I think people have a hard time buying in person,” says Rowell. “Maybe it’s some perceived stigma or they’re generally not comfortable shopping for it in person.” With Foxy Lingerie, he set out to create an environment where customers feel informed, guided — and, most important, at ease. Rowell acknowledges that, while he sells many of the same brands as his competitors, his difference — and where he pays particular attention — is in nurturing the customer connection to ensure they receive quality products and service.

Foxy Lingerie Makes Intimates Shopping Easy

The Lingerie Journal had a chance to speak with Bill Rowell about Foxy Lingerie and his vision for the future.

What is the biggest misunderstanding you think people have about buying lingerie online?
Generally, I think there’s more of a misunderstanding about buying lingerie in a physical store. I think some people believe that only certain types of people buy lingerie. We’re building a solid client base of young, old, male, female who buy from us. When it comes to buying lingerie online, I think the main concerns are “Am I getting a high-quality product?” and “Will it fit me?” Because customers aren’t able to touch the product before purchasing it, we try to provide as much information up front so they can make an informed decision.

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Who is your target audience?

Anyone who wants to buy lingerie, really. If you’re a guy and you want to buy lingerie for your girlfriend or wife, I want you to be comfortable shopping on Foxy Lingerie. If you’re a woman buying lingerie for yourself, I want you to be a Foxy Lingerie customer as well. Age doesn’t matter either! That’s the beauty of selling anything online, you can really cater to a really wide audience all over the globe.

Foxy Lingerie Makes Intimates Shopping Easy

Which three brands are your top sellers?
We sell more Shirley of Hollywood styles than anything else right now, but the brands Dreamgirl and Forplay are also extremely popular.

What is the most challenging part of your work?
Honestly, as a small business owner, it’s just keeping up with everything. Ordering product, making sure shipments are fulfilled correctly, and keeping up with customer questions and requests. Even though it’s a lot of work, it’s extremely fulfilling, especially when customers are really happy with their selection.

What words come to mind when you think of Foxy Lingerie?

1. Sexy
2. Provocative
3. Comfortable vs. uncomfortable. I recognize that some of our products might not look as comfortable as they might feel, so I’m working on improving these perceptions.

Foxy Lingerie Makes Intimates Shopping Easy

Where do you see Foxy Lingerie in the next five years?
I hope that we can grow to the point where we can offer own line of lingerie products. Fun and flirty, Foxy has the potential to really stand on its own. I am also very interested in developing our communication and finding a way to create an honest dialogue with women about our products from their perspective.

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