T-Shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture

A t-shirt bra is one of the lingerie essentials most women have in their wardrobe. Discreet and smooth under clothing, they often provide a round and enhanced breast shape that many women desire.

While these bras are known to come in plain black and beige colorways, lingerie customers are now asking for more fashionable options. That is why intimate manufacturer Curvy Couture is working to provide plus size and full busted customers with modern, comfortable and empowering lingerie.

The brand offers a great selection of T-shirt bras, from the most discreet to the most glamorous, always using graduated soft push-up pads to give you a natural lift. “The Curvy Couture woman wants the best of both worlds,” says Summer Rose, the brand’s social media manager. “We have all the functional, essential, bra wardrobe styles but also work on giving her fashion, too.”

T-shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture

“We believe that visually showing the customer how our bras can be styled with clothing helps them envision how it would look on them and inspire how to wear our bras. We paired our Tulip Strappy with a wrap dress to show how the sexy straps can be shown off.” -Summer Rose

With the strappy lingerie trend going on for a couple of years now, women feel more comfortable showing off little details from their lingerie, under sheer clothes or peeking out of a top. The Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Push Up Bra is perfect for that purpose. In addition to providing a perfect fit up to a 46H, you can easily rock a “lingerie as outerwear” look wearing it under a V-neck top or dress.

T-shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture
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Another fashionable option is The Tulip Lace Push Up Bra. Smooth under clothes, but sexy nonetheless, this bra now comes in a Chocolate Nude colorway. This new colorway is perfect for women of color who are looking for a discreet option under sheer or white clothes, but also looks incredible on a lighter skin tone with its beautiful scalloped lace and satin cup. A lush colorway made to flatter a wide range of customers.

T-shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture

This bra also features a lot of beautiful details such as embellished straps. These straps look perfect peeking out from under off the shoulder tops and dresses. “We love the scallop lace strap feature that joins at the cup with a satin bow,” says Summer. “It adds a fun and flirty element that you don’t always get with an everyday bra.”

T-shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture

A lingerie trend that has also been popular lately is high apex bras. Curvy Couture interpretation of this trend is the Diamond Net Bra. Its sophisticated pattern is meant to be both sexy and very comfortable. Sleek and modern, this plunge bra has some shiny accents and pretty fishnet overlay that can be layered under the right top.

Speaking of layering, the easiest way to try the lingerie-as-outerwear trend is by pairing a sheer top with your favorite smooth T-shirt bra. Not only will you feel secure under opaque cups but you can also go for the level of sheerness you are the most comfortable with. Curvy Couture’s Tulip Smooth Bra is a versatile option since you can also wear it as a racerback!

T-shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture

Summer seconds this approach to styling this bra. “The Tulip Smooth in Bombshell Nude was paired with a sheer top to prove it is a foundation piece and you can style it with anything,” she says. “It’s the gradual natural push-up she knows and loves from our Tulip Push Up Collection, just a smooth multi-way version! It’s perfect for warmer temperatures but also can be worn year-round.”

Looking for a classic and feminine T-shirt bra? The Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra will provide this elegant aesthetic that works in any situation. For everyday wear or special occasion, this bra won’t let you down.

T-shirt Bra Trends from Curvy Couture

Its shiny cups and lace detailing are just pretty enough to not go unnoticed, but its smooth cup makes the look discreet. “We added elegant lace wings for an everyday luxury feel that is also breathable and comfortable,” adds Summer.

The Taupe colorway is both chic and neutral and would look amazing on many skin tones. However, this bra also comes in a Black and Bombshell nude colorway.

Spring is the perfect occasion to start styling your lingerie differently. Wearing a well-fitting elegant bra can also be the boost of confidence you need to embrace your natural beauty and rock that pretty sheer blouse when the temperature allows it!

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